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Storage space between


up to 50m² living space

up to 100 boxes

ca. 10 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 5 square meter storage


104,95€ / month

Discounts as of 6 months

Booked 9 times in last 24 hours


up to 60m² living space

up to 120 boxes

ca. 12 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 6 square meter storage


124,95€ / month

Discounts as of 6 months

Booked 5 times in last 24 hours


up to 70m² living space

up to 140 boxes

ca. 14 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 7 square meter storage


144,95€ / month

Discounts as of 6 months

Booked 1 times in last 24 hours


up to 80m² living space

up to 160 boxes

ca. 16 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 8 square meter storage


159,95€ / month

Discounts as of 6 months

Booked 4 times in last 24 hours


up to 90m² living space

up to 180 boxes

ca. 18 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 9 square meter storage


179,95€ / month

Discounts as of 6 months

Booked 12 times in last 24 hours

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happy customers


modern warehouses

100,000+ m²

available space

Storage space

1m2 - 200m2 | Height 3 m


Free pick-up from every part of Berlin & transport to our storage units at the Wolfenerstr. 36, Berlin


Delivery within 24 hours or return at the storage units


Modern alarm and camera system


Included basic-insurance, additional insurance optional


1st month for free | 6 months: 5% | 12 months: 10%

Self Storage Berlin - Available in every Part of Town

Last update: 21.12.2018

Renting storage space in Berlin is cheap and affordable!

It does not matter where you are in Berlin: We pick up your items for free form every part of Berlin and transport them to our storage units. If required, we return them within 24 hours.

Self Storage in Berlin has never been so easy: Choose a storage unit and check our prices.

Selfstorage in Berlin: That's how it works

To rent a storage unit in Berlin, follow these steps:

  1. Selfstorage Berlin - Lagerhalle von Boxie24 Lagerraum BerlinReserve a storage room
    Choose the right size: reserve storage room now.

  2. Make an appointment for the free pick-up
    We pick up your items form every location in Berlin - no matter if Spandau or Köpenick. You only pay a fee, if you live in a house without an elevator on the second floor or higher.
    Or you bring your items directly to the storage units.

  3. Secure and professional storage
    During the storage period, we keep your items in our modern and safe storage units.

  4. Make an appointment for the return
    If you need your storage items back, we deliver them within one working day.This also applies for partly returns of your items during the storage period. You only pay a small service fee, depending on the volume of your items.

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The Advantages of Boxie24 Self Storage in Berlin

If you rent a storage unit in Berlin, you benefit of many advantages:

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Price Overview: Rent Storage in Berlin

The price depends on the m2  you need.

The advantages Boxie24: You only pay for the storage space you actuallyuse. Even if you booked more m2, we can still change it afterwards.

Just choose the amount of storage space needed to see the prices:

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Renting Selfstorage in Berlin

Self Storage Berlin - Möbel einlagern Berlin leicht gemacht mit Boxie24 SelfstorageRenting selfstorage in Berlin does not ahve to be expensive anf complicated. Boxie24 Storage makes renting storage space cheap and comfortable.

If you rent storage space in Berlin for the first time, you probably have some questions. Here we put together the most important info to rent storage.

If you still have questions, just give our friendly team a call!

With Boxie24 Selfstorage Berlin you always find the right storage unit in Berlin.

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Store Furniture in Berlin 

It does not matter if you want to store big or small items in Berlin: even if you want to store furniture, we offer our pick-up and return service everywhere in Berlin.

A call or an e-mail are enough and we pick up your items the next day.

Advantages of storing furniture with Boxie24 Storage in Berlin:

We do your work professionally and without additional costs.

What is most important when in comes to storing furniture in Berlin:

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Buy or rent Moving Boxes in Berlin

Self Storage Berlin - Umzugskartons kaufen in Berlin oder Umzugskisten leihen mit Boxie24Wir bieten Ihnen bei Boxie24 Storage Berlin offers handy support for moves:

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Self Storage Berlin is getting more and more popular

Are you looking for storage solution to store your household itmes, because you moved in together or got a child? Congratulations! Boxie24 has the right self storage solution for you.

Store professionally in Berlin 

Our storage rooms are secured 24/7 and protected against wetness and mold. Because you want to store personal items safely and do not want to get them back damaged.

Rent affordable Self Storage in Berlin

Self Storage Berlin - Ein Mann steht in einem Gang. Links und rechts sind pallets mit Kisten auf mehreren Etagen gestapelt.Our team is there for you. We help you with booking a self storage unit and even come to your home to pick up your items.

If you are not sure how much space you need, we can help you with the estimate.

If you have any other questions, just give us a call and we help you.

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