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6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Even if nobody really likes it, it’s spring again and it’s time to clean up the house and garage and get ready for the summer. Put on your old clothes and pull out your cleaning materials and have good faith.

To make sure this spring cleaning will work better than the last one we developed a list of tips for you. These easy cleaning tips will help you make your house feel like brand new again.

Spring cleaning tip 1 – Develop a checklist

To give your spring cleaning some structure, you should develop a checklist in advance. Plan enough time for your cleaning. You should definitely allocate each task a time frame,  so you don’t ́t lose track of time.

If you like, you can spread the action over several days and get support from your family and friends.

The best days are when the sun is shining and it’s not quite as icy outside – then you can open the windows so that the dust comes out and fresh air comes in. Thus plan your spring cleaning in advance and check out your local weather forecast.

Spring cleaning tip 2 – The early bird catches the worm

A big clean up means you really clean everything. Every hole and corner in the house get its turn.

With all your furniture and accessories in the way, it’s better to make room in your house first.

So it’s time to get up early and prepare the actual cleaning, before cleaning.

Try to put little accessories in cabins and on tables, so the floor is almost empty.

You can leave closets and big furniture, rugs, and chairs are easy to stack or to store somewhere else. Self storage can be a great help, you can just store your goods for a short period of time when you are doing your cleaning and afterward you can decide if you really want to take all your furniture back. BOXIE24 offers modern self storage facilities in almost any major German city.

Spring cleaning tip number 3 – Divide and conquer

Of course, you want to clean the whole house and garage at once, but that would be too much at once.

You start to rush the clean up since you’re running out of time.

That way, you end up cleaning everything poorly, which is a waste of time.

Divide your house into sections, like the ground floor, first floor, garden, garage, etc.

It’s important not to forget the garden, furniture, and garage since it will be summer soon and you will be spending a lot of time outside.

Start from the inside out and work from the top to the bottom or else you will be dragging all the stuff from upstairs over your cleaned floor afterward.

Spring cleaning tip 4 –  Decide what you want to do with your belongings

Make a list of the stuff you want to keep, throw away or store somewhere else, in order to clean up the house and free up space, designed for living.

That old surfboard and these drums have been taking up too much space in the garage for years – a place which was meant to be a garage, not a messy storage place. Many people fall into the trap of cluttering their homes, but there is a way out without throwing everything away.

Thus free up the room by either giving it away, selling it or store it at a self storage facility – at BOXIE24 we developed an affordable self storage solution.

Spring cleaning tip 5 – Be realistic and don’t forget to have fun

Most people don’t feel like cleaning up. Especially not the big boring spring clean up.

Therefore it’s important to make the best of it and don’t overdo stuff. You don’t have to clean every spoon or book on the shelf separately inside out.

If it’s clean, it’s clean!! So, try not to be too pessimistic, turn up the music, make yourself comfortable and don’t forget to treat yourself!

If you really don’t feel like it, you can also ask a friend to help, and in return, you help cleaning up their house. Double the fun!

A woman singing into a wiping mob

Spring cleaning tip 6 – The big spring cleanup takes time and preparation is key

In order to start cleaning up your house, you need the proper cleaning materials or arrange a storage unit if needed.

So, make an inventory of what you think you might need and what you already have. Here’s a small list of frequently used cleaning items for big cleanups:

  • Vacuum cleaner & vacuum cleaner bags

  • Cleaning mop

  • Trash cans and garbage bags

  • Bathroom cleaners

  • Household cleaners

  • Kitchen Cleaners

  • Kitchen paper

  • Hand Soap and Sanitizers

  • Bleach

  • Outdoor cleaners

  • Glass and window cleaners

  • Brooms

  • Cleaners

  • Mop pails

  • Storage unit

Spring cleaning tip 7 – How to clean your kitchen

The kitchen should follow as an independent plaster project only after you cleaned the other rooms because you always have to go to the sink to get fresh water for the cleaning.

To save time and to make sure you clean all the kitchen appliances correctly you should clean your kitchen methodically, so to make it easier for you, we developed a checklist you can follow.

  1. Start with the Basics

    Before we start cleaning the electrical appliances we have to clean the major spaces in the Kitchen.
    So start cleaning the floor and shelves in the kitchen, there are no special requirements some water and multi-cleaner will do the job. Also if you are going through your shelves anyway try to declutter them. There will be belongings that you don’t want to throw away because they have emotional value but you actually have no need for them. A great way to store them is the self storage units from BOXIE24. We offer clean and secure storage facilities suitable for everybody.

  2. The fridge

First, declutter your fridge take everything out and decide what you want to keep and what is for the trash can. You can store your food and beverages in a cooling box to ensure they don’t go bad. If you don’t have done it for this year defrost your fridge, you should do this at least once a year better yet two times a year.
Afterward, just clean your fridge with some water and a cleaner.

  1. The oven

    Cakes, pizza, casseroles, and many other great dishes are done in the oven. So a mistake is not far away and sometimes something goes wrong and burnt fat and gravy leave their traces.  Most people are waiting way too long to clean burnt fat gravy, so it has time to dry up. So to prevent your oven from dried up fat, clean dirt immediately.

There are several cleaning products that specialize in supporting your cleaning mission and these are a great option. But if you want to save some money you can use household funds like baking powder, salt or citrus juice. They’re all great options to clean fat.

  1. Descale the kettle and coffee machine

    Descaling works particularly well with vinegar essence or citric acid. In addition to the kettle, the coffee machine can also be freed of limescale deposits in this way. Just go over your applications with a wet rag and some citric acid, that will do the job just great. There is no need for any cleaning products.

  2. Clean the workspaces

    You use your ceramic/gas field probably every day so you should keep it clean, but the lack of motivation to clean up after cooking a nice meal is understandable. So now that you have found the motivation to clean up decide how you want to do it. Do you prefer cleaning products? Then just lookout that you choose the right product for your workspace. Otherwise, you can save your money and use some household products like baking powder. You can use the saved money to buy some moving boxes, to store your belongings. This is a great way to prevent your kitchen from cluttering again.

  3. Wrap it up

    So now you are almost finished with cleaning your kitchen, now you just have to wrap everything up. Find a place to store the belongings you don’t want to have anymore in your kitchen our self storage in Berlinself storage in Hamburg and our self storage in Munich is great for storing your belongings. Afterward, make sure to clean your floor and to treat yourself. After a hard cleaning day, you deserve it more than anyone.

Spring cleaning tip 8 – Don’t forget to clean up afterward

Cleaning up the house gives you a clean and fresh feeling since it’s clean and fresh.

To maintain that feeling it’s important to clean up all the other mess in the house.

So, get rid of things you don’t use, pack the rest in moving boxes and store them in your storage unit.

Don’t forget to clean up the mess you made after packing and cleaning up.

Stow all cleaning items properly and set the furniture straight again and drive to your storage unit, or let us come and pick up the items that need to be stored for free and store it in one of our storage units. Just give us a call: 0800-4030-180.

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