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Living with old age – Getting the most out of retired life

Living with old age

Ageing is a part of life. A part of life that comes with its own particular challenges and rewards. While ideally retired life is meant to be a time to enjoy the fruits of a lifetimes’ labor, oftentimes retirees find themselves confronted with newer stressors. Health problems, loneliness, financial troubles and the pressures of maintaining a home are all things that America’s seniors have to deal with in their autumn years. One trend amongst retirees that is gaining popularity is that of downsizing.

What is downsizing?

Downsizing is essentially a practice aimed at simplifying one’s old age. It involves seniors finding a household that fits their lifestyle and budget. One example is retirement communities, where older people can find a supportive community of friends with accessible amenities away from the hustle and bustle of big cities like New York. People choose to downsize for a wide variety of reasons. Minimizing stress is the basic aim of downsizing and many older people find that a smaller space amongst more like minded, community-oriented neighbors makes for a far more enjoyable retirement. Often the cost, time and energy of maintaining a larger home begins to wear on people in their old age, making simplifying an extremely attractive proposition. Downsizing can also save money, particularly if moving from an older building to a newer one. Retirees often see their gas, water and electric bills reduced when they move to a better fitting home.

Additionally, downsizing can even prove to be profitable! Many seniors choose to rent or sell their former properties, leaving them with a lot of extra cash in the bank. Another big driver in the massive shift toward senior- downsizing is health. As people become more concerned with their health in their retired years, the draw of a lifestyle that caters to these increasing healthcare needs is extremely attractive. For some, senior and assisted living facilities give them the peace of mind that round the clock care brings. For others, it is simply a matter of accessibility. Many seniors choose to move from larger, older homes with many staircases and other inaccessible features to smaller, newer homes, purpose built to be spaces in which retirees can comfortably live fuller and more independently. For many so-called “sunbirds”, it is the pull of life in warmer climates, such as those in Florida and Arizona that makes downsizing such an attractive prospect. There has also been a surge in downsizing amongst people at the end of their careers. Oftentimes, once kids move out and begin lives of their own, people cease to be in need of larger and more expensive to maintain homes. Often with one eye on saving money in order to finance a thrilling, travel-filled early retirement, working couples choose to move into smaller spaces that suit their budget and lifestyle far better than large homes with empty rooms. While many see this as a sacrifice, people often find a more rewarding quality of life in their new surroundings, as they create spaces that are, once again filled with energy.

Tips and tricks for storage

Downsizing can be an intimidating prospect for many who find the concept of facing up to, and sorting out, a life’s worth of possessions and memories a daunting and insurmountable task. These feelings are common and normal amongst anyone thinking of a possibly life-changing switch in the way they live their life. All the same, the process of downsizing is often an extremely rewarding experience. With proper planning and organization, as well as the right kind of help, downsizing can make one’s old-age not just another chapter but a new beginning. So with that in mind, here are some top tips and tricks to make downsizing the positive change that it can be!

  • Assess your new space: You need to be realistic about the place that you’re moving to. It’s called downsizing for a reason! Not everything will be able to fit into your new surroundings ,but that’s the idea. Always make sure to keep in mind the size and dimensions of your new home, so that you can ensure that all of the space is being utilized in as effective a manner as is possible. This mindset will also help to clarify in your mind what needs to go and what needs to be brought with you.
  • New lifestyle, New needs: Downsizing is not only meant to find a physical space that fits your needs, but also a lifestyle that suits your new space! Keep in mind the lifestyle changes that you will be making in your exciting new chapter when you are in the process of making the difficult decisions of what to take with you. You could, for example think about the tasks you may be able to give up in your new home, whether that be gardening, cooking, cleaning or anything else! This will help to clarify what equipment is no longer needed in your new home.
  • Explore your options: For many people, the major obstacle when it comes to downsizing is the idea of their accumulated possessions of their lives ending up on the scrapheap. While this is an understandable source of anxiety for anybody, it does not have to represent the reality of downsizing. As alternatives to simply throwing away your items, many people find enormous reward in donating items to charities or people in need. In addition, certain items which are too personal to give to a stranger, but still surplus to requirements could find a new home with friends or family in the form of a gift. After these options many people still find themselves with more items than could possibly fit in their new lives but just hold too much actual, or sentimental value to be disregarded. That is where the keep option comes in, with many downsizing seniors opting to put their items into long-term storage, where they can be kept safe and available without becoming clutter.
  • Think about your storage needs: With many people opting to store heirlooms, memorabilia, furniture, art and many items besides when downsizing, it is important to be aware of your storage needs. Renting storage space in New York does not have to become an additional stressor at an already difficult time. Boxie24 provides hassle-free, all inclusive moving or storage that will take that pressure away from you and your family. Our price-beating, all-encompassing service in all of New York’s boroughs will turn downsizing into the relaxing, breeze it was meant to be!

Downsizing has been a rewarding experience for many of Boxie24’s 1000s of customers in the United States and Europe. While changing your space and lifestyle may seem stressful, it is all about choosing the right options and partners for you! Boxie24 has an unbeatable service that will get your transition to a more simple, relaxing life off to the right start!

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