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We offer moving boxes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all of your self storage needs. Whether for private storage or business storage, moving box rental from Boxie24 Storage saves you time and money.

Starting at 1,99€ / Box
Cheaper than regular moving boxes
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Stable and robust
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Sustainable Moving Boxes that last

Are you moving and in need of strong, durable moving boxes? Boxie24 Storage offers quality moving boxes and other moving supplies to meet the demanding nature of packing, moving and storage.

We offer moving boxes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all of your self storage needs. Made of high-quality materials, our boxes stack well for easy organization and are durable enough to be used again and again.

Whether for private storage or business storage, moving box rental from Boxie24 Storage saves you time and money.

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Boxie24 Storage: What you should know about Moving Boxes

In order to move and store your things safely, you should know a few important factors when it comes to moving boxes.

Boxie24 offers High-Quality Discount Moving Boxes

Boxie24 Storage gets all our moving boxes direct from our manufacturing facility. These boxes are made from high-quality materials, and come to you in brand new condition.

Because we get them directly from the manufacturer, we cut out the middleman, which cuts costs and allows us to offer high-quality discount moving boxes much cheaper than most other suppliers. When you buy moving boxes from Boxie24 Storage, you pay less for more.

Moving Boxes for Strength and Versatility

All Boxie24 Storage moving boxes meet or exceed the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper’s industry standards for quality and strength (item 222/rule 41).

They also meet uniformity standards for length by width by height. What this means is, you can trust in the integrity of our discount moving boxes.

Boxie24 Storage has a variety of moving boxes in various sizes. From small, medium and large boxes to boxes designed specifically for archive storage, we have boxes to address all self storage needs.

Most customers use our small boxes for small, heavy or breakable items, while our medium ones work well for kitchen items. Our large boxes are often used to pack large, lightweight things such as bedding.

If you’re packing up an office, be sure to check out our business self storage tips to avoid property damage during the move.

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Sustainable and Reusable Moving Boxes from Boxie24

In addition to our discount moving boxes, we also offer sustainable, reusable moving boxes for rent. These boxes are much larger than the boxes we offer for purchase, and they can accommodate heavier contents (up to 25kg).

These sustainable moving boxes are perfect when you want extra protection when moving and storing your things.

Whether you are in need of moving boxes for personal self storage or business self storage, Boxie24 Storage has an option to meet your needs.

Choose from our sturdy high-quality discount moving boxes or our sustainable moving boxes for rent to save yourself time and money during the storage process.

Contact us today to let us know when to deliver the moving boxes you need.

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