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Finding the right storage provider is a task of its own, you need to compare prices and services it does not matter if you are looking for self storage in Berlin or Hamburg. You can find different storage providers in every larger town, to make your decision easier we bundled our expertise to show you what is important and why we are the number one storage provider in Germany.

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What is important when renting storage units

There are several objectives to consider while choosing a storage provider for your needs. At BOXIE24, we provide you with the full package we do not only pay attention to offering the most attractive price but also to provide the best customer service and quality.

Therefore renting a storage unit means for our customers:

  • Cheapest self storage prices
  • 100% secure storage of your items
  • Pick-up and return service
  • Flexible storage periods and terminating terms
  • “We make it possible” – customer service

So “open your eyes” when renting a storage room: Prices can differ greatly between different providers. At BOXIE24 we guarantee the best combination of cheap prices and professional service. 

If you rent storage for the first time, we explain to you how our storage units work.

Renting storage units: But how? 

BOXIE24 wants to make your life easier therefore renting storage space at us is easy and uncomplicated follow these 4 steps and keep them in mind: 

  1. How much storage space do you need?
    This sounds like an easy to answer question but it can get tricky, how much space do your 50 books you want to store need? And if you want to store furniture it gets even more difficult to determine how much you need. Therefore to give you a good indication we developed a storage space calculator but every situation is unique and you might need individual consulting. No problem! You can call our storage experts at 0800 4030 180, we are happy to assist you and to find out how much storage space you need. Because at BOXIE24 you only pay for the space you are using!
  1. When do you need a storage unit?
    Now you should know how much square meters of space you need the next step is to determine when you want to store your goods. At BOXIE24 we offer a pick-up service for you this way you can stay home and enjoy your day. Just make an appointment with our team and we come and pick your goods for you up and transport them to our storage units. If you are living on the first floor or below ask our service team for a free pick-up. Otherwise, you pay a small compensation for our service.
  1. We store for you!
    You don’t need to store your items your self at BOXIE24 we are doing that for you, thus we can ensure you only pay for the space you are using in our storage units. Our facilities are monitored, clean and air-conditioned. Your goods are stored professionally and only our employees have access to our facilities. 
  1. Get your items back!
    We offer a return delivery service so you don’t have to rent a van and pick all items from our storage units up by yourself. Our team will transport your items professorially to your front door it does not matter if you just need a specific item or everything. Just get in contact with us and make an appointment. This service will cost you a minor fee dependent on the square meters you want to store out.

Everything should be clear by now, at BOXIE24 we take care of the hard work of storing goods and make it more convenient for you. If you have any further questions contact us under 0800 4030 180.

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What do storage units cost?

Renting a storage facility does not have to cost a fortune it can be cheaper then you might think. At BOXIE24 we use our storage space efficiently and can offer cheaper prices than our competition.

Our prices are different from city to city. You can find our prices on the official BOXIE24 website we offer transparent pricing if you any questions about our pricing just contact us we are happy to help you. Go directly to our offer for self storage in Munichself storage in Düsseldorf or self storage in Cologne.

What does it depend on, how high the self storage price is? There are three components, that affect the price:

  • How much volume do you want to store?
  • How long do you want to store?
  • In which city do you need storage units?

The longer the storage period and the larger the volume, the higher is the storage rent. 

However: The higher the discounts also get. This means:

  • The more volume your store, the cheaper the price per square meter
  • The longer you store, the cheaper the price per month

The minimum rental period at BOXIE24 is only 3 months. If you want to store for a longer period, we offer attractive discounts, starting from 6 months. 

For our loyal customers, we offer a discount of 5% when storing 6-12 months continuously, you even get 10% if you store for longer than 12 months. Also, the 1st month is free if you store for longer then 3 months. 

Check out our website regularly, we offer throughout the year promotions with discounts on all our storage rooms. 

If you need individual help to determine the cost of storage space just contact us we are happy to help you.

Are there additional costs for our pick-up or return service?

Cheap self storage prices are one of the many advantages of BOXIE24. Another important aspect is our exceptional customer service: Hence we offer a free pick-up of your items in most cases. 

This means we come to your place and pick everything up, you don’t have to worry about bringing your items to our facilities everything will be done for you. Just don’t forget to wrap everything up before we come! You are only paying for this service if you live on the second floor or higher and if there is no elevator, you have to pay a small service fee. The costs depend on the volume of your storage goods.

You have to pay a service fee for the redelivery, the price also depends on the volume of your storage goods. 
We will bring all your goods back to your door but you can also decide to pick up your items at our storage units by your self.
Please keep those criteria in mind, when considering the pick-up and return of your storage goods, our prices are cheaper than any moving company. Contact us if anything is not clear.

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More information about renting storage at BOXIE24?

Want to know quickly if we serve your area with our storage services? And how quickly we can pick up your items? Check out our storage locations or give us a call (for the fastest answer).

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* If you rent up to 4m² storage space, we will pick up your items from the ground floor for FREE. Do you rent more than 4m² or do you live on a higher floor? Then we will charge you a small pickup fee. The fee depends on the size of the storage space and the floor.
** Subject to availability. In most cases we can service short-term transportation requests. If we are unable to service a short-term request ourselves, we also have a wide network of transportation partners that we can call upon. In this case, additional costs may be incurred, which we will make transparent in the offer.
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