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Boxie24 Storage has a business self storage solution to suit your needs. We offer clean, dry and secure storage units for all kinds of business storage purposes.

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Rent self-storage space for your business.

Whether you’re a small business owner trying to free up valuable office space, or you’re the manager of a large company looking for a secure location to keep important archived documents, Boxie24 Storage has a business self storage solution to suit your needs.

We offer clean, dry and secure storage units for all kinds of business storage purposes.

Space within your company is valuable, so when “things” begin piling up and taking over, renting external storage space is a viable option when you just can’t throw them out.

Boxie24 Storage understands the unique nature of your business possessions, and we’re dedicated to helping you save time and money by giving you options for organizing and storing your things.

Keep reading to learn more about our business self storage solutions, or check out our business best self storage tips for helpful suggestions.

Archive Storage and Shredding Services

All businesses – big and small – generate important documents they need to keep for future reference. Some of these records are kept online, but a good majority of them are paper documents and files that take up valuable office space.

Rather than sacrifice much-needed space to storing old files, allow Boxie24 Storage to keep them safe, dry and secure in archive storage.

Complementary to our archive storage, we offer a confidential shredding service. This allows you to quickly and conveniently dispose of unwanted or unnecessary archives so you don’t end up moving them again and again.

When you contract for archive storage with Boxie24 Storage, you can use your own boxes or allow us to deliver our archive storage boxes to you free of charge. You pack and seal the boxes yourself (we also offer free seals), and then we come pick them up and pack them in your storage unit.

You can keep track of your archive inventory using our online inventory application, or you may create your own inventory.

Our free pickup and delivery service is available in most cities. Find out if it’s available in your area here.

Advantages of Storing your Archives with Boxie24 Storage

Sales Rep Samples and Stock Storage

Brick and mortar shops, as well as online stores, are booming. Keeping stock on-hand requires you have a vast amount of excess space for storage. Whether you’re a small or large business owner, it’s important you have enough space to keep your best-selling items available at all times.

Boxie24 Storage helps you achieve this by offering self storage units with 24/7 access.

Office Furniture Storage

Planning on moving or refurbishing the office and in need of an office furniture storage unit? Boxie24 Storage has the solution to your the office furniture. We offer multiple office storage solutions.

Our office furniture storage with free pick-up and (re)delivery starts at only €1. Whether you’re looking for long term furniture storage or a short term furniture storage solution, Boxie24 has it all. 

Retail Stock, Equipment and Promotional Displays

The retail business is an ever-changing atmosphere with a lot of seasonal stock and promotions. Purchasing seasonal stock and promotional displays is expensive, so it’s important to store them correctly in order to reuse them year after year.

With our business self storage solutions, you can store all of these expensive items cheaply and securely for months at a time until you need them again.  

Remember, we can pick up your things for storage, or deliver them back to you when you need them – free of charge. Also, we offer moving boxes and other packing supplies, if needed.

There’s no need to waste valuable office space on storage. Boxie24 Storage offers several business self storage solutions to meet your needs.

Whether you just need temporary business storage for office furnishings while you redecorate the office or you require space to store old archives, let our storage experts help you rent a self storage unit that’s right for you. Contact us today to get started!

Market trader stock storage for small businesses.

Market places – both online and offline – are booming businesses nowadays. As your business grows, you need a cheap storage place to store your goods and merchandise.

Boxie24 Storage understands your needs and offers cheap self storage units that can be accessed 24/7. Whether you run a small business, or a big web shop, we are here to help you achieve your goals by providing cheap storage solutions that fits your needs.

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