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Boxie24 Storage: Self-Storage Made Easy

Boxie24 Storage is a young, innovative self storage company on a mission to bring the self storage industry into the 21st century. Our staff of dynamic thinkers is goal oriented and plans to change the way people think of self storage forever. Boxie24 Storage started in 2014 in Berlin, Europe. Since then, Boxie24 Storage expanded to more than 50 cities in GermanyNetherlands, Australia and the United States. Boxie24 Storage offers both private storage and commercial storage. Boxie24's head office is located in Berlin. In addition, Boxie24 also has office space in Amsterdam, Almelo, Melbourne, Miami and New York.

Our Mission

The Boxie24 Storage mission is multi-faceted. First and foremost, we want to provide high-quality self storage solutions at prices everyone can afford. We don’t spend a great deal of time or money on marketing, which lowers operating costs and allows us to be more efficient. In the end, we can deliver better service at the lowest self storage prices possible. Secondly, we want to do so while providing outstanding customer service. It’s not enough just to have great products. You also must treat your customers better than they expect to be treated, and that’s why we go out of our way to ensure each and every customer has a positive experience when they rent storage from us. Lastly, we want to do our part to ensure the future of our planet. We believe to be truly successful, you need to be environmentally aware, and that’s why we have instituted practices that lessen our (and our customers’) carbon footprint. As such, we only use LED lighting in our facilities, and have reusable moving boxes for rent to maintain a sustainable operation that leaves little impact on the environment.

Giving Back

We care about preserving the future of the planet for future generations, as well as doing what we can to help our fellow man. Therefore, we do not offer cardboard boxes for moving or storage as their manufacture contributes to deforestation. We don’t just stop there, though.

Planting Trees

In an effort to reduce global warming and protect the ozone layer, we use a portion of our profits to plant trees. Adding new trees reduces the amount of CO in the atmosphere and increases oxygen levels, which benefits us all. Thus, renting storage with Boxie24 Storage literally makes your city greener!

Lessening Traffic in Urban Areas

Vehicle traffic is a leading contributor to global warming. As such, we offer free pickup and delivery in most areas we operate to help lessen the amount of traffic in urban areas. Our logistical system of route efficiency helps us follow the shortest routes possible to our customers, thus saving gas and lessening our, and your, impact on the ozone layer.

Sheltered Employment for the Disabled

Boxie24 Storage has a partnership with sheltered employment agencies that helps disabled people achieve their personal and career goals.
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