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With free pick-up & return service

BOXIE24 offers convenient & secure full service storage with free pick-up. We do the heavy lifting, offering a free pickup and delivery of your items once you need them back.

Store your items with BOXIE24 – without ever leaving home, it’s that convenient! The concept of self storage is not a new one. People have been renting storage units to store their valuable items for decades. Though reasons for wanting storage may differ, everyone would much rather prefer it to be as seamless and as stress-free as possible.

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Full-Service Storage with free Pick Up Service in Melbourne

Full-Service Storage with BOXIE24: How it works

We all need storage at one point or another, and convenience is definitely the deciding factor in many cases.

Check out how BOXIE24 can contribute in just 5 easy steps:

  1. Reservation
    Reserve one of our storage units near you and book in your preferred pick-up date Use this handy storage space calculator to determine the size storage unit you may need.

  2. Moving boxes
    Use your own boxes, or rent moving boxes from us. We’ll deliver them right to your front door! If you would like to keep our boxes for use in the future, there is also an option to buy our durable and eco friendly boxes.

  3. Pick-up
    Pack your boxes and arrange your pick-up date with the help of our friendly customer service team. We will narrow down the pick-up time to a certain time frame in which our moving professional can do the pick-up.

  4. Storage
    We’ll be there on your pick-up day to move your items from your storage to ours! You can always rest assured that your items are treated with the utmost care.

  5. Return
    In the event that you need certain items from storage, we are able to do a partial return. All you have to do is get in touch with us and let us know which items you would like us to return back to you.

Full-Service Storage in Melbourne

BOXIE24 operates a full-service storage in Melbourne. We come and pick up your items anywhere in Melbourne and transport them to our modern storage facility.

When you rent a traditional storage unit, you do all the work yourself. You pack all your things using any old boxes you can find. For all the heavy pieces of furniture, you may have to solicit the help of a few friends or relatives. You then have to load them all into a truck or trailer and haul them to the storage facility somewhere in Melbourne.

In addition to this obvious effort, there is also always the chance that you hurt yourself or damage your items. This can make self storage sometimes attractive but not worth the trouble. Well, BOXIE24 created the solution to this problem. We have full service storage for you! This option gives you the benefits of storage, without the drawbacks, that is why customers are booking the full-service storage with BOXIE24. It is the most convenient way to store in Melbourne.

Want to know more? BOXIE24 has the best storage unit prices in Melbourne!

Why choose Full-Service Storage over Classic Self Storage?

Some people prefer to do things the old traditional way, without really understanding everything that needs to be done this way. Here at BOXIE24 we offer full service storage so all your needs are met without all the hassles associated with self storage. Below are just some of the reasons why BOXIE24 is no doubt the best choice for you;

  • State of The Art storage facilities with top of the range security to keep your belongings safe. With 24 hour security, your valuables and assets are are always protected.

  • Competitive prices for pick-ups, returns and storage. At BOXIE24 we trust our prices are the best prices on the market. We believe this so strongly, that  if you can find a better deal somewhere else, we will either match it or beat it! Making BOXIE24 the best option, always!

  • Packaging Materials as an option. We offer the option to rent or buy our durable eco-friendly moving boxes. All you have to do is reserve them online or contact us by phone or email and we will have the amount of boxes you need delivered to you when you need them.

  • Personalized customer service. Our expert agents are with you every step of the way, from your first quote to your final return! We pride ourselves in knowing our customers inside and out.

  • Personal and Business storage options. We provide all sizes of storage units, catering to everyone from the travelling student to businesses like Spotify and Starbucks.

We offer a range of plans, specialized to your needs that can help you declutter, downsize and get your life organized. Our experience and expertise are second to none, with our team serving thousands of customers across different countries.

Decided it’s time to get your stuff back? No problem! All you have to do is give us a call to schedule a delivery, and we’ll bring you your things back – usually within 24 hours.

BOXIE24 is dedicated to helping you free up space without throwing anything important out. Our full-service storage gives you the space you need and the convenience you deserve in self storage.

Frequently Asked Questions on Full-Service Storage

What is Full Service Storage?

Full Service Storage takes care of the entire storing process for the customer: From pick-up to return. No more lifting of heavy items on and no need to rent a truck! Certain storage companies are even going the extra mile by offering packing as well as the delivery of packaging materials like boxes and storage blankets!

How much does Full Service Storage cost?

Full Service Storage is often cheaper than regular self storage. With BOXIE24 the pick-up starts at $0 and the storage space starts at $16 a week.

Which company offers Full Service Storage?

BOXIE24 offers Full Service Storage with competitive prices to go with it. Get your first pick-up and first month free.

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