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Sag Harbor

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Storage units Sag Harbor - nice and clean apartmentRent Storage Units in Sag Harbor with Boxie24 Storage

When you need extra space to store your things, Boxie24 Storage has storage units in Sag Harbor to meet your needs.

Our storage units are always clean and dry, and we keep your things safe and secure with round-the-clock camera surveillance.

Our full service storage solutions give you hassle-free storage, as well as peace of mind.

Self Storage in Sag Harbor with Great Benefits

Boxie24 Storage is a full service storage facility. We provide our customers with a wide range of benefits not typically offered by other storage providers.

The service our customers appreciate most is our free pickup and delivery. Our customers don’t waste time and money hauling their things to our facility. They simply pack their things and call us to pick them up.

Our benefits don’t stop there, though. Check out these other great services.

Prepare your things for storage using our Best Self Storage Tips.

Storage Units in Sag Harbor for Business

Storage units Sag Harbor - man ordering storage on his mobile in his officeIf you are a business owner or office manager, you know how valuable your office space is.

When it gets cluttered with excess equipment, furniture and other business-related items, it can be hard for employees to concentrate and be productive.

Interested in business self storage with us? Learn more here.

Low Prices for Storage Units in Sag Harbor

Storage units Sag Harbor - couple unpacking moving boxes in their new homeWe believe cost should not be a factor when it comes to getting the extra storage space you need.

As such, we go out of our way to ensure our prices for storage units in Sag Harbor are as low as possible.

We do this by keeping a close eye on the competition and adjusting our storage unit prices to be competitive.

You might see our prices fluctuate from time to time, but this just means we’re doing everything we can to bring you the best self storage prices in the area.  

To make obtaining a storage unit even easier, we also offer large discounts for such things as upfront payments and extended contracts. You can save as much as 25 percent!

If you need extra storage space for any reason, be sure to give us a call. With our great pricing and multiple self storage solutions, we’re sure you’ll be happy you did.