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People looking at storage units prices of Boxie24 StorageStorage Unit Prices at Boxie24

Last update: 10.22.2018

Whatever your reason is for needing a self-storage unit, you definitely want to make sure the prices you are paying are fair.

Boxie24 Storage offers transparent storage unit prices so you always know what you’re on the hook for.

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Check out our storage unit prices per unit size:

Boxie24 offers competitive storage unit prices. Curious about our special offers? Please give us a call and find out more!

Storage Unit Sizes           Storage Unit Prices              

2' × 5'                                       $ 39.00                        

5' × 5'                                       $ 74.00                        

5' × 10'                                    $129.00                    

5' × 15'                                    $189.00                     

9' × 9'                                       $219.00                     

10' × 10'                                  $239.00                       

10' × 15'                                  $349.00                     

9' × 18'                                     $429.00                      

10' × 20'                                  $449.00                     

9' × 27'                                     $539.00                      

10' × 25'                                  $549.00                    

10' × 30'                                  $649.00                      
If you need a larger storage unit or you are curious about storage unit prices for larger storage units, give us a call.

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Things that affect storage unit prices


Our prices fluctuate periodically because we adjust them to stay ahead of our competition. 

Take a look below at some of the things that could affect your price for storage unit rental with Boxie24 Storage.


Operating costs vary from location to location, so our storage unit prices vary as well. It may cost more to operate our facility in Manhattan, but not as much in Brooklyn, for example.

Storage Unit Size

This probably goes without saying, but the size of the storage unit you rent plays a major role in how much you pay. The bigger the unit, the more it costs.

In an effort to keep your costs as low as possible, however, we encourage you to figure out just how much space you’ll need. If you aren’t sure, you can always use our convenient storage space calculator so you never pay for space you don’t need.

Special Features

Storage units prices. Man who locks his self storage unit.We offer additional features and services that could affect the monthly price you pay with us.

For instance, if you opt for a climate-controlled storage unit, you will pay more than if you rent a unit without climate-control.

We also offer self-storage insurance to help you protect your things when they are with us.

Our self-storage insurance prices are very low, and we encourage you to strongly consider purchasing a policy at the time you rent your unit.

For even more tips on packing and storage, take a look at our best self storage tips

Earn discounts to lower your storage unit prices

To make our storage unit prices even cheaper, we offer discounts and incentives for such things as long-term rental and upfront payments.

Find the best storage unit prices in your area

Dedicated to bringing you the most affordable self-storage in the area, as well as safe, secure and clean storage. 

We go the extra mile to make renting storage a pleasant experience.

Get started. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert storage representatives.

*Our storage unit prices are updated every month. In order to make sure you see the real storage unit prices in your area, enter your zipcode.

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