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Our Best Storage Units Prices New York City

It can be difficult finding cheap storage units near me to store your belongings. Many storage companies charge higher rates per square foot knowing the majority of customers will pay it without questions.

Here at Boxie24 Storage, however, we don’t gouge you on storage units prices in New York. We believe you should be able to store your things month-to-month without having to empty your wallet to do so.

We know your things are precious to you, and keeping them safe and secure at an affordable price is important.

Keep reading to find out why Boxie24 Storage has the best storage unit prices in NYC.

People looking at storage units prices of Boxie24 StorageThe Competition is no match for our affordable Storage Unit Prices in NY

The key to keeping our storage prices in NY so low is our dedication to monitoring the competition.

We keep a close eye on the four biggest competitors in the area and adjust our prices to be at or below what they charge.

This way, you get all the benefits of our full-service self storage facility without paying the outrageous prices.

Boxie24 Storage offers a wide range of storage solutions in New York, and you can check them all out here.

Storage unit prices New York Boxie24 Storage

Whatever your reason is for needing a self-storage unit, you definitely want to make sure the storage units prices you are paying are fair. Therefore, Boxie24 Storage offers transparant storage units prices:

Storage Unit Size         Price Storage Unit

~2' × 5' $89  
~5' × 5' $100
~5' × 10' $119
~5' × 15' $139
~9' × 9' $159
~10' × 10' $179
~10' × 15' $259
~9' × 18' $289
~10' × 20' $339
~9' × 27' $389
~10' × 25' $429
~10' × 30' $489

* Our storage units prices are subject to change. To be sure you're seeing the right storage unit price per storage unit location, we advise you to fill in your zipcode in the searchbar and get the current storage unit price per storage location. 

If you need a bigger storage unit or you are curious about storage units prices for bigger storage units, give us a call and we can check availability of the bigger storage units in New York City.

Book your storage unit in New York right now!

Things that affect Storage Units Prices in New York City

Our prices fluctuate periodically because we adjust them to stay in line with our competition. Other factors also come into play that changes pricing for each customer. Take a look below at some of the things that could affect your price for storage unit rental with Boxie24 Storage.


Operating costs vary from place to place, so our storage units prices vary as well. It may cost more to operate our facility in Manhattan, but not as much in Brooklyn, for example.

The good news is this: we always monitor our competition closely in every city we operate, so you always get the cheapest self storage prices no matter which of our facilities you use.

Storage Unit Size

This probably goes without saying, but the size of the storage unit you rent plays a major role in how much you pay. The bigger the unit, the more it costs.

In an effort to keep your costs as low as possible, however, we encourage you to figure closely how much space you’ll need. If you aren’t sure, you can always use our convenient storage space calculator so you never pay for space you don’t need.

Special Features

Storage units prices. Man who locks his self storage unit.When you rent storage space with Boxie24 Storage in New York, you have options.

We offer additional features and services that could affect the monthly price you pay with us.

For instance, if you opt for a climate controlled storage unit, you will pay more than if you just rent one without climate control.

We also offer important features such as self storage insurance to help you protect your things when they are with us.

Our self storage insurance prices are very low, and we encourage you to strongly consider purchasing a policy at the time you rent your unit.

For even more tips on packing and storage, take a look at our best self storage tips

Discounts and incentives for affordable Storage in New York

To make our storage unit prices even cheaper, we offer discounts and incentives for such things as long-term rental and upfront payments. Check it out!

  • Save 10% - Contract for at least 6 months of storage

  • Save 20% - Contract for at least 12 months of storage

  • Save 25% - Pay upfront for at least 12 months of storage

  • storage units pricing boxie24 storage people watching storage prices on tablet.Earn $50 – Rent storage with us for three months and refer a friend who also rents storage with us for three months, and you both earn $50!

Contact us for the best Storage Units Prices in New York

If you are looking for the best storage units prices in New York, look no further than Boxie24 Storage.

Dedicated to bringing you the cheapest self storage prices in the area, as well as safe, secure and clean storage, we go the extra mile to make renting storage a pleasant experience.

Contact us today to speak with one of our expert storage representatives to get started.