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Shop Storage Boxes for the home and office at Boxie24

If you are in need of strong, durable storage boxes with plenty of room to accommodate just about anything, Boxie24 Storage offers storage boxes for a wide range of purposes.

Our storage boxes are made of HDPE – a 100% recyclable plastic strong enough to hold up to 55 lbs. The storage boxes can be closed thoroughly and are sturdy enough to stack upon each other up to 200 lbs.

Our storage boxes are waterproof and can therefore be used for almost anything. They can be used as a storage box for private use to store kids toys in for instance. 

Our storage boxes are also very suitable for business purposes.

Green Storage Boxes from Boxie24 Storage

Boxie24 Storage Boxes are suitable for:

Our storage boxes are designed to be convenient and efficient as both a stand-alone product and as the ultimate reusable packing, storage and distribution solution. These storage boxes perfectly on standard pallets, and when empty, they nest together to save space.

For more information on buying our green storage boxes, contact us to speak with a storage professional or buy them in our moving shop.

Key Features Boxie24 Storage Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are also called tote boxes, croc boxes and alligator crates because the hinged lids have interlocking “teeth” that securely keep the box closed. Other key features include:

Retail and distribution centers use Boxie24 storage boxes extensively thanks to their packing and stacking capabilities, as well as their cost-effectiveness and reduced waste over their cardboard counterparts.

The reality is, however, these hinged-lid crates have virtually limitless possibilities.

Storage Boxes in Warehouse from Boxie24 Storage

7 Important Reasons to buy Storage Boxes from Boxie24

  1. Our storage boxes are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a thermoplastic derived from petroleum. This plastic has a high strength-to-density ratio, making these boxes ideal for long-term reuse in a variety of applications.

  2. These industrial storage boxes are compatible in most distribution channels, increasing efficiency and decreasing waste.

  3. Boxie24 Storage storage boxes are made with internal dumage, which makes them more stackable and nestable than similar containers offered by other companies in the industry.

  4. The attached lids on our containers rotate 180º to minimize overhang when nested, which prevents damage and saves space.

  5. Our industrial green boxes come direct from the manufacturer. We cut out the middleman in order to bring you cheap storage boxes prices.

  6. Our storage boxes have a 10-year life expectancy, but we only reuse them for up to 3 years. This ensures you get boxes in perfect shape every time.

  7. We ship our quality storage boxes worldwide with no minimum purchase required.

Rent Storage Boxes from Boxie24 Storage

If you are in need of storage or moving boxes on a temporary basis, Boxie24 Storage also rents our storage boxes.

Our plastic rental boxes are the same high-quality as our storage boxes for sale – the only difference is that our rental containers are used again and again for up to three years each.

Upon return from a rental, each crate is electronically inspected for cracks and other failures, and then they are professionally cleaned.

When you rent storage boxes from Boxie24 Storage, you get clean, sturdy reusable boxes that stack easily when full and nest together when empty to save up to 75% of your valuable space!

If you would like to learn more about buying or renting our storage boxes, call us today to speak with a storage expert.

For your convenience, we’ve also created this list of packing and storage tips to help you better pack and organize your things for transport and storage.

Storage boxes prevents a messy closet

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