With many years’ experience in the self storage industry, Boxie24 Storage has extensive knowledge when it comes to packing things right for moving and storage.

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2019's Top 6 Moving Tips To Get You Ready To Move

With many years’ experience in the self storage industry, Boxie24 Storage has extensive knowledge when it comes to packing things right for moving and storage.

We offer a wide range of storage units for both residential and business purposes, as well as moving supplies and expert advice for successful packing and moving.

We understand how stressful moving can be, therefore we make it our focus to ensure you have a hassle-free moving experience.

Whether you’re just moving the family across town or packing the office for temporary storage, you can make the task less stressful by using the right moving boxes and supplies for the things you need to pack.

Boxie24 Storage specialists are always ready and happy to help make your move an easy one.

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6 Best Moving Tips from Boxie24 Storage Specialists

Boxie24 Storage specialists have the following best moving tips to offer to make moving and storing your things as easy as possible. If you’re moving, be sure to check out our moving checklist, too.

  1. Keep inventory of your belongings. It doesn’t matter if you’re packing to move your belongings or to store them, you should always know what’s in which box. It’s easy to forget what you’ve put in a specific box, but if you label everything appropriately and keep a running inventory of what you’ve packed, you’ll always know where everything is at a glance. To make this task easier for our storage customers, we offer an online inventory management tool.

  2. Pack your storage unit wisely. Most people fail to plan when it comes to packing a storage unit. There’s a right way and a wrong way, so consider the advice below when loading boxes into a storage unit.

    • Stack boxes along the wall rather than in the middle of the floor. This makes for sturdier stacks and allows you access to the back of your unit.

    • Pack frequently used items near the front of your unit.

    • Stack like-sized boxes on top of each other to maximize space and to create safer stacks.

    • Place heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack.

    • Keep a step stool handy to make reaching top boxes safer and easier.

  3. Pack smaller items inside larger ones. If you’re storing or moving large furniture items such as a refrigerator, you can maximize space by placing smaller items inside instead of packing them into boxes.

  4. Consider airflow when stacking boxes. Leave a few inches of space between stacks of boxes so the air can flow easily around it. This helps ward off humidity and keeps your belongings drier.

  5. Perishables and items with strong fumes are not allowed.

  6. Use the proper equipment for heavy lifting. Boxie24 Storage has complementary dollies to assist you in moving heavy items.

Best moving tips 2018 - storage supplies in front of moving boxes

Boxie24 Storage’s Eco-Friendly Tips for Moving and Storage

Here at Boxie24 Storage, we feel very strongly about doing our part to save the planet. That’s why we offer moving boxes for rent, as well as the following tips for packing your things the eco-friendly way.

  1. Use eco-friendly moving boxes. Our moving boxes for rent are made of 100 percent recyclable material. They are much bigger and stronger than traditional cardboard boxes, which means you use fewer boxes and create less waste as you pack.

  2. Use eco-friendly wrapping paper. Many people opt to buy brown wrapping paper when packing their delicate possessions, but newspaper does the job just as well, and it helps save the planet when you reuse.

  3. Use eco-friendly string to seal boxes. Packing tape takes a lot of energy to make, and it’s rarely biodegradable. Use string to close boxes you open frequently rather than packing tape to save money and the planet.

5 Best Moving Tips for Packing

When it comes to packing, doing it right makes all the difference in the world. Our storage experts recommend the following five tips for packing.

Use quality moving supplies. Many people make the mistake of using cheap moving boxes and other inappropriate storage methods to pack their things for moving and storage.

You may think you’re saving money by acquiring used cardboard boxes from the local supermarket, but in the long run, you could be causing more harm than good when the boxes collapse on themselves or plastic bags rip. Your best bet is to use quality moving supplies right from the start.

  1. Don’t overfill boxes.

  2. Label each box with its contents.

  3. Take large items apart, if possible. You can maximize the space inside your storage unit by disassembling large items such as tables and other furnishings.

  4. Place covers over furniture to keep them clean.

Best moving tips - packed moving boxes on top of each other

It doesn’t matter how far you’re moving or how long you’re storing your things, how you pack them can protect them from damage. Boxie24 Storage has a wide range of moving supplies, and our storage specialists can assist you in making sure you’re packing your things right.

Contact us to learn more about packing and storage with Boxie24 Storage.

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