What you use to pack your things, and how you pack them, has a huge impact on whether they survive moving and storage or not. Use proper packing supplies.

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Buy your Moving Supplies at Boxie24 Storage

What you use to pack your things, and how you pack them, has a huge impact on whether they survive moving and storage or not.

You could be moving just across town, but packing your things incorrectly can spell disaster for your more delicate possessions.

The good news is, Boxie24 Storage has all the moving supplies you need to pack your things right.

Because we don’t want any damage to come to your things during transport and storage, we offer a wide range of moving supplies for your convenience.

We have equipment such as dollies, moving blankets and moving boxes, as well as consumable supplies such as packing tape, bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

Having the right moving supplies for the job makes preparing your things for moving and storage much easier.

moving supplies - wrapping paper

Get the Right Moving Supplies for every Packing Need

There’s no need to head out to the nearest store to buy packing supplies when Boxie24 Storage has the right moving supplies to suit every packing need.

Our storage specialists help you determine exactly what you need for a particular packing task so you always pack your things properly.

It’s important to remember that to best protect your belongings, you need to use quality moving boxes. Boxie24 Storage has strong, durable moving boxes made from high-quality materials that accommodate a wide range of items.

Our boxes also have closable, interlocking lids that provide a sturdy platform to stack upon. We even deliver them to you!

Our Moving Supplies and the Four Phases of Packing

As you go about packing your things, keep in mind the four phases of packing. Using our moving supplies will help you move through these phases and pack your things right to ensure they arrive damage-free at our facility and withstand storage.

Phase 1: Padding

Padding your belongings properly and filling empty spaces inside boxes is vital to ensuring your delicate items make it to their destination.

When packing dishes, for example, be sure to place newspaper between each plate or bowl, and only stack like dishes on top of one another.

Filling any empty spaces with bubble wrap or wadded newspaper will add strength to the box and keep its contents from shifting during transport. Learn more about proper packing by reading our Best Moving Tips.

moving supplies - packing paper

Phase 2: Boxes

When moving, many people scour their local area for any kind of cardboard box that will hold a few belongings. While you may think this is your best bet, there are many problems with using old cardboard boxes to pack your things.

To avoid damage to your things caused by weak, un-uniform cardboard boxes, your best bet is to rent moving boxes from Boxie24 Storage.

Our boxes are strong, durable and spacious. They hold up to 55 pounds each, and can be stacked safely to save space.

These moving boxes can be used for both moving and self storage.

Phase 3: Labeling

Labeling your boxes is almost as important as how you pack them. There are very few instances more frustrating than trying to locate a specific box during a move or in storage when it isn’t labeled properly.

Fortunately, Boxie24 Storage has free labels to make labeling your boxes quick and easy.

When you use our labels to organize your boxes, it allows us to identify your belongings easily so when you need something back, we can find it quickly and return it to you.

We know moving can be stressful, so we’ve put together a moving checklist to help you remember everything. Feel free to print it out and add to it as you see fit.

moving supplies - gloves

Phase 4: Insurance

While we do our best to make sure your things are safe and secure when they are at our facility, there are some things we simply have no control over. In cases like these, we strongly recommend you purchase self storage insurance.

You can get a cheap policy when you rent a storage unit with us, or you can provide proof of insurance with someone else. Either way, storage insurance is the last step in ensuring your things are always protected.

When you’re ready to pack your things, keep in mind that the right moving supplies make all the difference in the world.

Boxie24 Storage has a wide range of moving supplies to help you pack your things right for transport and storage, so give us a call today!

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