Why Storage with Free Pickup in New York is Cheaper


Why Storage with Free Pickup in New York is Cheaper than Renting Traditional Self Storage

Last update: 06.12.2018

If you’ve spent any amount of time searching the Internet for self storage, you’ve probably come across something called full service self storage. Many companies in the NYC area offer full service self storage now, so it’s a good idea to understand how it works.

Full service self storage, or storage with free pickup in New York, gives you all the space you need to store your things but without all the hassles of traditional self storage.

What hassles are we talking about?

Most importantly, full service self storage means you don’t have to travel back and forth to place your things in your storage unit. A full service storage facility comes right to your door, loads all your things into the truck, hauls them to their facility, and places everything inside your storage unit. Other benefits include:

  • Online inventory management
  • 24/7 security
  • Moving box rental
  • Self storage insurance
  • Moving supplies, and
  • More

You’re probably thinking, “That’s a lot to offer! It’s got to be more expensive than doing it the old-fashioned way,” right?


Full service self storage is actually cheaper than traditional self storage and here’s why.

You Only Pay for Space You use

When you rent traditional self storage, you pay for a certain sized storage unit. For example, if you rent a 10x10 storage unit, but fill only 60 percent of it, you still pay the monthly fee for a 10x10 unit.

When you rent storage space with a full service facility, however, you start out renting a 10x10 storage unit, but if you only fill 60 percent of it, your monthly fee goes down. You never pay for space you don’t need.

The Cost of Labor

If you have a lot of things or even just a few big, heavy things, you may need to hire movers if you go the traditional storage route. This can be expensive.

Or, maybe you plan to go the DIY route, in which case, you can tack on the cost of feeding your helpers and possibly a chiropractor bill should you throw your back out lifting that heavy couch. Furthermore, time is money, and your time is valuable, so don’t forget that.

Full service self storage is storage with FREE pickup in New York. Furthermore, the storage professionals who move your things are fully licensed and insured; and all of it is free of charge.

Truck Rental is a Thing of the Past

With traditional self storage, you will most likely need to rent a truck to haul your things to the storage facility. Keep in mind as well that you’ll also need to rent the truck again to bring your things back home. Many truck rental companies charge an hourly rate plus mileage, which can add up quickly.

Full service self storage facilities, on the other hand, have their own fleet of trucks to haul your things to and from the storage facility at no extra cost to you.

Additional Costs

Renting traditional self storage can nickel and dime you to death. From moving equipment (dollies, blankets, etc.) and administrative fees (what is this anyway?) to having to purchase your own locking mechanisms, the costs add up fast.

When you rent storage with free pickup in New York, all of these things are free as well.

After looking at the cost of both full service self storage and traditional self storage in this way, it’s easy to see which option is the smart option. If you’re thinking of renting a storage unit in New York, be sure to consider a full service facility to save you precious time and money.

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June 12, 2018

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