Why Self-Storage for SME’s makes sense…


5 Reasons Why Self-Storage for SME’s makes sense…

Businesses with inventory generally tend to own their own warehouses. As convenient as owning or renting a warehouse may be, there are always other options available.

This article focuses on why using Self-Storage units, as opposed to warehouses makes sense for Small and Medium enterprises.


Flexibility is a prime benefit of using Self-Storage. Using a Self-Storage unit allows businesses to be flexible and react to changes in the business climate rapidly.

24/7 access is one example of how using Self-Storage allows businesses the flexibility to access their goods whenever they need. 

Furthermore, businesses having access to Self-Storage units are able to be more flexible in the way they run their businesses, an example being when ordering supplies in bulk.

Some businesses even use units as small scale distribution centres, with the flexibility of not even having to be there when deliveries arrive.

This is due to the service offered by many Self-Storage companies, where the staff are on shifts and willing to lend a hand.

Reduce Overheads

Overheads are a real pain to many businesses, but Self-Storage can help reduce the overheads faced by a business. Staff costs, maintenance, rent, insurances etc. are all part of owning or renting a warehouse.

However, using self-storage as a means of storing inventory allows businesses to concentrate on their core strategy and reduce several costs and administration issues involved in using warehouses.

Especially in expensive cities like New York, self-storage can be a helpful solution to reduce overhead.

Safe & Secure

A primary concern for all business owners, is the security of their goods. When using Self-Storage, business owners can let their worries go, as nearly all unit providers have 24/7 CCTV with alarms and the top of the line security equipment.


There are times in a business’s lifecycle when there will be exercise inventory and not much inventory.

This could cause real concerns for business owners with their own warehouse as it is not easy to find another warehouse when they have excess goods, nor is it economically viable to be paying for real estate space without it being used.

Self-Storage makes it easy to be flexible and upsize and downsize when the business needs.

Online Stores

Online stores (E-commerce) are in abundance in this day and age. Several highly profitable businesses come from the e-commerce industry and several already use Self-Storage units as a means of a distribution centre. They benefit from less administration, lower overheads and increased flexibility.

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