Top 12 Reasons People Need Self Storage

People from all walks of life are using self storage more and more these days. From simply running out of room at home to life situations that dictate the need for more space, there are many reasons homeowners, renters, and business owners alike turn to storage units nearby to store their things.

Compared to other alternatives such as adding on or renting a bigger residence or office space, self storage is an affordable way to get the additional space you need. Let’s take a look at the top reasons people rent self storage these days.

1. Lack of Space at Home

The number one reason people rent storage units is that they’ve run out of space at home. Many people are reluctant to let go of the things they own, so when these things begin piling up, renting a storage unit allows them to hang on to the things they love.

2. Moving from Place to Place

Some people find themselves needing to move out of one residence before their new residence is move-in ready. This is a common occurrence, and when it happens, a storage unit is ideal for storing all your belongings until the new home is ready.

If downsizing in the move, placing your precious belongings in a storage unit gives you time to decide what stays and what goes.

3. Remodeling/Renovating

Remodeling a room or two in your home is hectic enough without having to worry about your furniture getting damaged during construction. To alleviate some of the worries and make room for the upcoming work, many people place their things in storage until the renovations are complete.

4. Changing Family Dynamic

If you’ve got a baby on the way, or perhaps an adult child is moving back home, it may be necessary to clear out that spare bedroom to make room. Renting a storage unit for furniture and other belongings enables you to keep the things you’ve removed from the room for use again later on.

5. Seasonal Items

Whether you love to ski or you’re a gardener, you have seasonal items that need a home during the offseason. Many people find that storing these types of things in a self storage unit is easier and safer than trying to find space at home. In self storage, your seasonal items are safe from the elements, securely locked, and remain in excellent condition until you’re ready for them again.

6. Gap Year Travel

Some newly-graduated college students take a year to travel before entering the workforce. They’ve acquired quite a bit of stuff during their time at college, and in all likelihood, there isn’t enough room at mom and dad’s house to keep it all while they travel. This is where a small storage unit comes in handy.

7. Working Out of State or Working Abroad

Some people have an opportunity to work elsewhere. Whether it’s just out of state or abroad, it could mean being away from home for months at a time and having to rent out the home. When this happens, most people don’t like leaving their personal belongings to strangers, so they rent a storage unit to keep them in while they are away.

8. Empty Nest

It’s bittersweet when the last of the kids move out, but it’s also a time of great change for many empty-nesters. Some change the layout of the home, while others decide to travel. Whatever the reason, it might be necessary to use a storage unit to store various things you aren’t ready to part with. After all, you just never know when the kids might decide to return home.

9. College Students During the Summer

College students acquire a lot of things while away at school, and when they return home during the summer months, it can be a challenge finding somewhere to put it all. Renting a small storage unit for a few months can help keep the chaos of your child’s return to a minimum until he goes back to school in the fall.

10. Divorce or Separation

Divorce is always hard, but when it comes to dividing up a household and moving into two separate residences, it can be difficult finding room for everything. Having a storage unit nearby to put things in while you’re both in transition helps alleviate some of the stress and worry during this difficult time.

11. Death

When someone dies, they usually leave behind a wealth of things the remaining family has to figure out what to do with. Many of these things can be sentimental, making them difficult to part with. Self storage gives family members the chance to go through all the dearly departed person’s things without the added stress of rushing to throw things out.

12. Business Archives or Inventory

With many businesses these days offering the opportunity for employees to work from home, it’s become less necessary to have big office spaces and large warehouses. In place of these expensive buildings, business owners are turning to storage unit rental for inventory and archive storage. It’s much cheaper and more convenient, especially when the storage facility offers free pickup and delivery.

Life is full of situations that make it necessary to have more space for our belongings. When your home isn’t big enough to handle it, self storage is a great option. From a simple move into a new home to business storage, people everywhere have many reasons for using self storage.

September 19, 2019

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