Why full service storage is better!


Self Storage Units Near Me are a Thing of the Past

Do you find yourself in need of extra storage space? Maybe you’re renovating a room or two in your home and need somewhere to put all the furniture until you’re done?

Perhaps one of your kids is moving back home and needs a storage unit for all her belongings. Maybe you just need to de-clutter but aren’t willing to part with your things just yet.

Whatever the reason you need more space, you’ve probably already gone online to do a Google search. Do these search phrases sound familiar?

Renting a local storage unit nearby is a great way to organize and store your things both temporarily and long-term.

But why should you have to pack everything up, rent a truck, haul it all to a storage facility, and load it all into the unit yourself when a full service self storage company will do it all for you?

There are many advantages to full service self storage that traditional self storage just can’t deliver. Check them out below.

Advantages of Full Service Self Storage

Convenience – You hardly lift a finger at all. All you do is pack your things and the full service storage company does the rest. They will pick up your things, haul them to the storage facility, and load them into your storage unit for you. When you want your things back, all you have to do is set up a delivery time and your things will be delivered right to your door.

No added expense – Unlike traditional storage that requires you to spend money on renting a truck and paying for fuel, full service self storage is cheaper. There’s no need for any additional expenses like truck rental and fuel costs.

Versatile storage options – If you need long-term storage, it can get very expensive when you go the old-fashioned route. With full service self storage, you have a variety of affordable storage options to meet your needs.

Affordable storage units – With full service self storage, you never pay for space you don’t need. Using a storage space calculator, you can accurately estimate the amount of space you need to ensure you aren’t paying for empty space. Should you need more space later on, it’s very easy to upgrade.

Less risk of damage or injury – Full service self storage companies employ professional movers who take care when moving your things. There is less risk of damage to your belongings and no risk of injury to yourself.

Disadvantages of Full Service Self Storage

Limited or restricted access – Most full service self storage facilities limit or restrict direct access to their storage units. This means that you won’t be able to access your things directly but will need to schedule a delivery if you need your things returned to you.

In some cases, full service storage facilities do allow access, but only during their hours of operation. If you’ll need constant access to your belongings, full service self storage might not be a viable option for you.

While traditional self storage facilities still exist, the wave of the future is full service self storage.

The next time you go online to search for self storage units near me, remember that full service self storage saves you a lot of time and money that traditional storage options just can’t.

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June 20, 2018

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