How to Properly Store Your Christmas Decorations

With the holiday season upon us, everyone is busy preparing for family get-togethers, large meals, and lots of presents.

No one’s thinking about what happens after the holidays are over and it’s time to put everything away for another year.

The good news is, we still have a few weeks to enjoy the holidays.

When the time comes to say goodbye, however, the following tips can help you properly store your Christmas decorations so they are easy to transport and last for many years to come.

Holiday Tablecloths and Napkins

Many people think simply washing, folding, and putting away their holiday linens is correct, but since these items only make an appearance once a year, they are susceptible to a host of problems while in storage.

To keep them looking new and fresh, wash and dry well before storage.

Remove any tags, labels, or other items that may damage the fabric. Fold each item separately and place it in a covered tote or box.

If you’re storing your things with Boxie24 Storage, be sure to ask about our moving boxes for rent, which are perfect for storing holiday linens.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Whether you’re storing your artificial Christmas tree at home or in a storage unit, it needs to be placed in a box or bag designed to protect it from rodent and/or insect infestation.

Many people use the cardboard box the tree came in to store the tree, but over time, cardboard deteriorates and leaves the tree inside vulnerable.

Be sure to purchase the right storage container to preserve the beauty of your artificial Christmas tree.

Christmas Lights

One of the biggest nuisances each holiday season is detangling the multiple strands of Christmas lights that you swore you put away neatly the year before.

Rather than waste time struggling with this task next year, put the lights away right this year.

First, get rid of any strands that don’t work. Next, wrap each strand neatly around pieces of cardboard or something similar to keep them separate and neat.

Finally, place each neatly wrapped strand in a box large enough to accommodate them all. Label the box clearly, so you can find them easily next year.  

Label All Boxes Clearly

This may sound like common sense, but many people fail to label their storage boxes properly and then have to waste time later on looking for what they need. If you’re renting our moving boxes, we supply handy labels for you to use.

Each box should contain a label that states exactly what’s inside. Place labels in the same spot on each box so it’s easy to locate and read the contents.

For even more organization and convenience, Boxie24 Storage also offers our customers an online inventory management app that enables you to quickly see what’s in storage and request delivery anytime you want.

Christmas Decoration Storage with Boxie24 Storage

If you’re like most people, you don’t have enough space in your home to store all the things you love. Christmas decorations take up a lot of room, but when you rent self storage with Boxie24 Storage, you don’t have to dedicate your valuable space to items you only use once a year.

Boxie24 Storage storage units are available in several sizes, and they are climate controlled so you don’t have to worry about your delicate holiday items.

Our flexible monthly contracts and low storage unit prices give you the space you need to store your Christmas décor without emptying your wallet. Give us a call to speak with a storage expert and reserve your unit today!

September 14, 2019

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