7 Green Spring Cleaning Tips for 2019


7 Green Spring Cleaning Tips for 2019

Using green cleaning products, natural cleansers, and recyclable products are a great way to spring clean your house safely and thoroughly. Check out these green spring cleaning tips and begin getting your home in shape so you can enjoy the warmer weather that’s just around the corner.

1. Gather Basic Green Cleaning Supplies

Every green cleaning kit should contain the following basic ingredients. Most of these are ones your grandmother used to keep her house squeaky-clean, so grab a storage bin with a lid and gather these supplies.

  • Baking soda

  • White vinegar

  • Borax

  • Lemon juice

  • Castile soap

  • Olive oil

  • Washing soda

2. Buy Some Commercial Green Cleaners

If you’re not into mixing cleaning concoctions using the ingredients listed above, you can purchase commercial green cleaners instead. While most DIY cleaners do a great job, using store-bought green cleaners is much more convenient, and they deliver similar results. The main difference between the two is cost: it’s more expensive to buy commercial cleaners than it is to make your own.

3. Keep Drains Fresh and Running Clear

Kitchen sink drains can get gummed up pretty quickly, but you can keep them fresh and clean using just a couple of ingredients from the list above. Start by pouring ½ cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow that with a ½ cup of white vinegar and cover the drain. Let it sit for a couple of hours then pour 6 cups of boiling water down to flush everything down. Follow these steps once a month to keep drains smelling good and running clear.

4. Yes! You Do Windows!

Most people hate doing windows, but that’s because it usually involves a lot of elbow grease to get them streak-free. Such is not the case when you do your windows using a combination of vinegar and water. Simply add ¼ cup vinegar to 2 cups water to a spray bottle and use newspaper to wipe instead of paper towel. Not only will you breeze through all the windows in your home without any effort, your windows will be cleaner than they’ve ever been before!

5. Green Cleaning in the Bathroom

In such a small, confined space as the bathroom, it makes sense to use green cleaning products because they are less caustic than most commercial cleaners. The foaming action of baking soda and white vinegar makes a great toilet cleaner, while Borax scours away hard water deposits and mildew stains on tubs and tile.

6. Declutter as You Go

As you work your way through each room, take a few minutes to declutter, too. You’ve probably acquired a fair amount of clutter over the winter months, but it’s time now to get organized. Grab yourself a few plastic storage bins and start sorting. Remember, a place for everything, and everything in its place. Donate what you don’t want or don’t use and put what you do use away where it belongs.

7. Air It Out

It’s nice to walk into a house that smells of flowers, but did you know that many commercial air fresheners contain hormone-unbalancing chemicals? Keeping a clean house should eliminate the need for odor-hiding air fresheners, but if you still prefer an odor-eating option, set a bowl of white vinegar on the counter. Once the temperatures rise outside, open your windows wide to take advantage of Mother Nature’s air freshener!

It’s easy to get your spring cleaning done when you use green cleaning products. You can make your own or buy commercial green cleaners to get the job done. Whichever you choose, it’s a good feeling knowing you’re doing your part to help the planet.

Also check out our other spring cleaning tips! Do you have any green cleaning tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!

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