Divorcing? How Selfstorage Can Help


Divorcing? How Selfstorage Can Help

Divorce is a difficult time. In fact, anyone who’s gone through one will most likely agree that it’s one of the most stressful times in his or her life.

With so many things to consider in a home where so many memories as a couple were made, anything that can make this time easier is a godsend. Believe it or not, one of the biggest assets during a separation or divorce is a selfstorage unit.

Not many people think about things like renting storage space when they are going through a divorce, but there are many reasons why it’s a great idea. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from using a storage unit during your divorce and relieve, at least a little bit, some of the stress during this chaotic time.

A Storage Unit Protects Your Things in the Interim

Going through and separating your things is difficult enough without having to worry about where you’re going to put them once it’s all said and done. By renting a storage unit nearby, you can place the things that you’re taking with you in storage while you figure out your next steps.

Most full-service selfstorage units have round-the-clock security so you can rest easy knowing your things are safe and secure while you search for a new place. And, with flexible monthly contracts, you don’t have to be in a hurry, either. You can keep your things in storage for as long as you need.

Keep Your Important Papers in a Selfstorage Unit

Your divorce is probably a very emotional time for you. It’s not uncommon to misplace things when your nerves are frazzled; but it’s important, especially during this time, to keep all your legal papers in order.

Rather than leaving it all to chance, you can place all your important papers in a climate-controlled storage unit to keep them organized and safe. This way, nothing will accidentally end up in the trash or misplaced as you transition from one residence to another. You’ll always know just where to find the documents you need.

Downsizing Isn’t So Hard When You Rent a Storage Unit

As is usually the case in separation or divorce, one or both parties end up moving into a smaller residence. As is also common, much of the furniture and other belongings just don’t fit anymore.

If you suddenly find yourself needing to downsize temporarily but you simply can’t part permanently with that living room set, put it in storage. Chances are, you’re probably not going to be living in a studio apartment forever, so you can get your stuff back once you’ve gotten settled in a bigger place.

How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost?

One of the biggest concerns for most people is the cost of renting a storage unit. This is understandable, especially during a divorce, because every penny must be accounted for and spent wisely. The good news is, storage units with Boxie24 Storage are, on average, 20 percent cheaper than other storage providers. In fact, you never pay for space you don’t need.

Using a storage space calculator, you can figure out exactly how much space you’ll need. Should you ever need more space later, it’s not a problem. You’ll just upgrade to the next bigger size.

Here are a few examples of the more popular storage unit sizes available and the types of items they can accommodate.

  • 5x5 – 25 sq ft gives you enough room to store just a few small items such as small appliances (microwaves, for example) or a few boxes.

  • 5x10 – 50 sq ft gives you plenty of space for things like sporting equipment, single beds, and several boxes

  • 10x10 – 100 sq ft gives you room to store the contents of about two furnished bedrooms.

Renting affordable selfstorage nearby enables you to focus on more important things during this difficult time. Divorce is never easy, but anytime you can take something off your plate, you should do it, as this can be a most stressful time.

If you’re going through a divorce or separation and are in need of somewhere to put your belongings in the process, give Boxie24 Storage a call. We’re here to help you through this difficult time in your life.

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