6 Benefits of Archive Storage with Pickup


6 Benefits of Archive Storage with Pickup

Are you thinking of renting space to store your important documents, personnel files, office records, and legal documents? There are several benefits of using this type of storage. Here are six reasons you should consider archive storage with pickup for all your important paperwork.

1. Storing Archives Off-Site Gives You More Room in the Office

Your office or warehouse is meant for productive activity. When rows upon rows of documents line that valuable space, it’s hard to get anything done. Using archive storage frees up your precious office or warehouse space so your business can function at full capacity.

2. Your Files are Secure from Unauthorized Use

If your file room is accessible by many people, your records aren’t as secure as they should be. When you store your files with an archive storage facility, your files are extremely secure from theft and prying eyes as these storage spaces have strict security measures in place that only authorized personnel have access to your documents.

3. There is a Reduced Risk of File Loss Due to Fire Damage

Document loss due to fire damage can be devastating to any company. Storage facilities dedicated to archive storage have several protocols in place to reduce the risk of loss caused by fire damage.

4. it’s Very Easy to Retrieve Your Documents When You Need Them

Today’s technology allows for the ultimate in secure archive storage as well as the quick retrieval of those documents.

For example, if you need an archived contract back in your office, you have a couple of options for getting it back quickly.

  • You can use an online inventory management app to schedule a delivery date, or

  • You can call the facility to schedule a delivery time.

Archive storage with pickup and delivery gives you more time to take care of the important things running your business entails.

5. Archive Storage with Pickup Reduces Wasteful Company Spending

Your employees’ time is valuable. They should be doing what they do best, not spending time organizing and storing old files. When you opt for archive storage with pickup, you free up company funds for more important things.

6. Your Company Stays Compliant

By law, many companies are required to hang onto old documents for years. It can be difficult finding enough room to store all these files in-house. Renting archive storage, however, frees up that space and allows your company to stay in compliance now and into the future.

Archive storage with pickup keeps your documents safe and gives you peace of mind while increasing your company’s bottom line.

If you’re thinking of renting archive storage for your company, call for a free quote today.

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July 05, 2018

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