5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Life in 2018

Declutter and save storage spaceWith the New Year rapidly approaching, many people begin thinking of ways they can improve their lives in the upcoming year.

Some people set lofty New Year’s resolutions that often go by the wayside after just a few short weeks.

Others forgo the resolution and just vow to do better. Either way, it’s very easy to return to old ways of doing things.

It’s never too late to adopt new, better ways of doing things.

From living a healthier lifestyle to saving more money, you can attain your goals quite easily when you have a plan in place.

Use the following five ways to declutter your life in 2018 and watch how easy it is to achieve your goals this upcoming year.

1. Spend Time Each Day Decluttering

If your home has physical clutter, it can be a source of stress and distraction in your life.

Many people own items they don’t use or that aren’t important to them, but for whatever reason, they hold onto them.

If you own things you never use or that aren’t important to you, spend 15 – 20 minutes each day going through them and clearing them out.

If you have items you don’t use often, but just can’t part with, consider renting a storage unit to keep them in.

Taking just a few minutes each day to organize your belongings and get rid of the stuff you don’t need any more helps you create a space you want to spend time in.

If you need more inspiration to declutter your home, check out this 30-day declutter challenge.

2. Automate your Bill Payments

Paying bills is often frustrating and time consuming. Make the whole process easier by setting up automatic bill payments through your bank.

Not only is it less stressful to pay your bills this way, you always know the funds are available when they need to be.

3. Change the Way you Receive Online Information

If you spend any time at all browsing online for news and other interests, you could benefit from using an RSS feed to get the information.

It’s very easy to spend way more time than you have online looking for the things you find interesting, but with an RSS feed like Feedly, you can pick and choose what you want to see.

You don’t have to wade through endless posts to find what you want to read and you can get back to more important things in your day.

4. Clean Out Your PhoneClean out your smartphone storage.

Smartphones are a wonderful invention, but they can get just as cluttered as other areas of your life.

If you are constantly having to delete old files to make room for new ones, you might want to take this suggestion to heart.

Take one afternoon a month to back up your photos and other important files to your computer or cloud storage, and then delete them from your phone to free up space.

Uninstall apps you no longer use, and organize the ones you do.

You’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration, and not having a million pictures to scroll through when you want to post something is definitely nice.

5. Unsubscribe from Junk Mail

The majority of email users deal with dozens of pieces of junk mail each day. Most of us hate them, but simply deal with them anyway. However, just like actual clutter, these seemingly harmless pieces of junk mail can cause undue stress and aggravation.

To reduce this stress, take time to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive by unsubscribing from newsletters and unfollowing pages you no longer find interesting.

Make 2018 the year to get organized. By following the five easy ways to declutter your life in 2018, you can reduce stress and be happier than ever before. And remember, if you need extra space to store your things, Boxie24 Storage is here to help!

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January 09, 2018

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