4 Ways Storage Units Help Businesses Operate and Grow


4 Ways Storage Units Help Businesses Operate and Grow

While working out of a storage unit is not legal in the United States, storage units can certainly help almost any business operate and grow. 

Renting a storage unit can ease the burdens of a growing company, while increasing efficiency and encouraging productivity.

In fact, the extra space a mere 5x5 storage unit provides can greatly benefit retailers, artisans, and many other types of businesses. 

Creative Ways Businesses Use Storage Units

Businesses use storage units in a number of creative ways. Here are some of the different types of businesses we cater to and how our storage units help enhance their business plans.

1. Book Dealers and Independent Publishers
Book dealers and independent publishers typically have a stockpile of books, magazines, pamphlets and other paper media for which they need space to store. 

Rather than filling up valuable space in their homes or offices, a climate controlled self-storage unit provides the extra space they need. 

2. Contractors and Landscapers
The equipment used by contractors and landscapers is usually big, bulky, and heavy.

It’s hard to find adequate space to keep it all at home or at the main office, so a storage unit is ideal.

Small business owners can rent the space they need and upgrade it as the company’s needs grow over time. 

3. Theaters and Galleries
Most theaters and galleries have limited space to store costumes and past exhibits properly.

With such limited space, these items often get damaged easily, which can be expensive and nearly impossible to replace. 

Rather than shove delicate paintings and costumes into cramped closets, artists, gallery owners and theater managers can use storage units to keep these items safe and secure. 

4. Retailers
Both online and off, retailers of all kinds need storage space for excess inventory and seasonal marketing materials.

The amount of inventory can easily exceed available space within the retailer’s home or store, so a storage unit comes in handy. 

Whether you own an ETSY shop online or you mow lawns for a living, having a storage unit to house your inventory, supplies, and equipment is a great way to keep things organized and productive. 

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