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Boxie24 Business Self Storage Prices

Self storage prices - Man happy about self storage prices Boxie24 StorageBoxie24 Storage offers a wide range of business storage solutions at prices anyone can afford.

We guarantee price transparency – the business storage prices you see for your New York area are the prices you pay.

You never have to worry about hidden fees or additional costs after the fact.

Check out business storage prices below, or give us a call to learn more about a customized business storage plan.

Or check out our business storage solutions first.

Boxie24 Storage offers Transparant Business Self Storage Prices

Storage Unit Size        Prices Storage Units

~  5' × 5'                  $100
~  5' × 10'                  $119
~  5' × 15'                  $139
~  9' × 9'                  $159
~10' × 10'                  $179
~10' × 15'                  $259
~  9' × 18'                  $289
~10' × 20'                  $339
~  9' × 27'                  $389
~10' × 25'                  $429
~10' × 30'                  $489

* Our storage units prices are subject to change. In order to find the current storage unit prices per storage unit, we advise you to fill in your zipcode in the searchbar and get the current storage unit price per storage location. 

If you need a bigger storage unit or a customised solution, give us a call and find out how we can help your business grow.

What influences our Business Self Storage Prices?

Boxie24 Storage strives to bring you cheap business storage prices. Certain factors play a role in the price you pay for a unit with us. These factors include:

  • The size of the storage unit

  • The length of time you rent the storage unit

  • The specific location of the storage unit

  • The operational costs in a given area

  • Additional features such as climate control and self storage insurance

What affects Self Storage Prices for Businesses?  

Business self storage prices Boxie24 Storage - messy desk in officeIt goes without saying that the bigger the unit you rent, the more it will cost.

The same is true for length of time: the longer you need storage, the more it’s going to cost.

Location and operating costs vary due to the fact storage facilities in urban areas tend to cost more than those located in suburban areas.

Higher real estate costs in these areas may influence personal self storage prices, as well as business storage prices.

Ready to learn more about our business storage solutions, but aren’t sure what size unit you need? Try our storage space calculator to get a better idea.  

Other Products that could affect Business Self Storage Prices

Boxie24 Storage offers additional products that could affect business storage prices.

We have moving boxes for rent, as well as moving supplies such as bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets, dollies and more to make your moving and storage experience easy and convenient.

There are many benefits to using our reusable moving boxes, so read this helpful article to learn more.

How Boxie24 Storage can offer Such Cheap Business Storage Prices

Self storage prices - Happy customer after seeing self storage pricesOur goal here at Boxie24 Storage is to provide the cheapest business storage prices.

We do this by monitoring the four biggest competitors in the area and adjusting our prices accordingly.

This means our prices fluctuate from time to time, but you can always be sure you’re getting the lowest business storage prices in your area.

For more information on business storage prices in New York, enter your zip code in the box above, or contact us to speak with a storage expert today.