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Moving Checklist

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Best Moving Checklist 2018 according to Industry Expert Boxie24 Storage 

Whether you are moving just across town or way across the country, moving can be an overwhelming task. There are a lot of things that need to be done, and it’s easy to forget something in the process.

From hiring movBest moving checklist - couple sitting on the floor next to moving boxes ers or renting trucks to scheduling disconnects of utilities and the like, it’s no wonder when something goes undone.

To help you better remember all of the important tasks you need to do and people you need to notify during your move, Boxie24 Storage has put together our Best Moving Checklist.

While this list is not all-inclusive since everyone’s moving experience is unique, it does list the most common things people need to do when moving.

Feel free to print it off or add to it as you see fit.

Best Moving Checklist from Boxie24 Storage

Anytime you tackle a huge undertaking like moving, it’s a good idea to keep a running list of the things you need to do or remember.

The best moving checklist below is designed to help make moving easy and hassle-free. Also, check out our free moving tips and safe yourself even more time.

Checklist 1: Things to do when moving out

  • Sell home/end rental contract with landlord

  • Take measurements of new home (rooms, windows, etc.)

  • Obtain insurance on new residence

  • Schedule utilities disconnect at old residence and reconnect at new residence

  • Change address at post office

  • Find affordable moving company

  • Rent storageBest moving checklist - packed moving boxes on the floor

  • Clear out unused or unwanted items

  • Rent moving boxes

  • Schedule free pickup of the things you wish to store

  • Follow our moving tips when packing

  • Take large items apart for easy moving and storage

  • Clean both residences

  • Obtain help with moving from family and friends

  • Arrange childcare for small children on moving day

  • Make sure pets are safe and secure on moving day and in your new residence

  • Provide food and refreshments for helpers on moving day

  • Clean out freezer and refrigerator

  • Clean washing machine

  • Take down window treatments

  • Keep important documents separate and handy

  • Check and re-check all rooms to be sure nothing is left behind

  • Note all meter readings

  • Shut off power and gas supply

  • Return keys to landlord

  • Make copies of new keys

Checklist 2: People who need the new address

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Neighbors

  • Employer/colleagues

  • Municipality

  • Doctors

  • Health insurance company

  • Church

  • Bank

  • Insurance companies

  • Union

  • Schools

  • Post office

  • Monthly magazine subscriptions

  • Sports clubs

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

  • IRS

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Utilities companies

  • Cable company

  • Cell phone company

Checklist 3: Things to do in new residence

  • Take measurements (rooms, windows, outlying buildings, etc.)

  • Find out garbage pickup day

  • Get special instructions from previous residents

  • Ask about important community events

  • Find out if pets are allowed, if renting

  • Inquire about utility company names

  • Ask about internet/cable providers

Best moving checklist - clean bedroomWhile this list may not contain everything you need to do when moving, we feel it gives you a good place to start.

Feel free to add to it as you need to in order to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

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