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Services Boxie24

Boxie24 Storage is a full service storage facility. As such, we offer more than just storage space. We also offer other services to make your life easier.

Other services we offer include self storage insurance and coworking space. Many people make the mistake in thinking their homeowner’s insurance covers the items they place in storage. The truth is, most homeowner’s policies don’t, but here at Boxie24 Storage, we have cheap insurance policies that help you recoup your losses should something unfortunate occur.

Coworking Services give You Room to Work

Business people from all types of industries may benefit from shared coworking spaces. Whether you are traveling and need a temporary desk, or you need to bounce some ideas off like-minded people, a coworking space is ideal.

Boxie24 Storage strives to make your office as efficient as possible, regardless of where that office may be. As a member of one of our coworking spaces, you gain the ability to expand your office space and your horizons while you create a more productive environment for you and your employees.



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