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Renting a storage unit at Boxie24 is easy and cheap: We offer a best-price guarantee and even pick up your items for free. Whenever you need your items back, we can re-deliver within 24 hours.

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Prices for Renting Storage at Boxie24

Our selfstorage prices at Boxie24 Storage are transparent and cheap. Moreover, we offer the best value-for-money ratio: Because we pick.up your items for free from your place.

On this page you find an overview of our price range of all of our locations. Please note that the prices can differ, depending on the location.

For a precise offer for your storage room on your location, just type in city or postal code in the search bar.

Renting a Storage Unit: Our Prices

There are two factors, that play a role for the storage costs: How much space do you need and how long do you want to store.

As our storage prices are a bit different in each city, you only see the price range for all of our locations.

The following prices are for a minimum rental period of 3 months.

If you store longer, you can get an attractive discount.

Our prices: Rent a Storage Unit at Boxie24

1m2     34,95 €

2m2     54,95 €

3m2     72,95 €

4m2     89,95 €

5m2     104,95 €

6m2     124,95 €

7m2     144,95 €

8m2     159,95 €

9m2     179,95 €

10m2   199,95 €

11m2   214,95 €

12m2   229,95 €
>12m2             Please contact us for an individual offer

*Please note, that the prices for a storage unit can change.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to store separate boxes and bulky goods. Just contact us for the individual costs.

How much storage space do I need?

To answer this question, we developed a storage space calculator.

Just choose your items and the space calculator shows you how much storage space you need.

You can also contact our team of experts: We have years of experience and can help you to estimate the right space.

Also take a look at our tips on how to safe space and money through smart package and preparation.

Renting a Storage Unit: It depends on the Quality

Next to the prices, it also depends on the quality when choosing a storage provider. At Boxie24 Storage, we do not only pay attention to offering the most attractive price, but also to providing the best customer service and quality.

Therefore renting a storage unit at Boxie24 Storage
means for our customers:

So "open your eyes" when renting a storage room: Prices can differ greatly between different providers. At Boxie24 we guarantee the best combination of cheap prices and professional service. Just try it!

If you rent storage for the first time, we explain you how selfstorage works.

How our self-storage prices are composed

What does it depend on, how high the self storage price is? There are three components, that have an effect on the price.

The longer the storage period and the larger the volume, the higher is the storage rent. However: The higher the discounts also get. This means:

The minimum rental period at Boxie24 is only 3 months. I you want to store for a longer period of time, we offer attractive discounts, starting from 6 months. 

Just give us a call on our free hotline and we create an individual offer for you!

Storage Costs: Are there additional Costs for Pick-up and Return?

Cheap selfstorage prices are one of many advantages of Boxie24 Storage. Another important aspect is our exceptional customer service: Hence we offer a free pick-up of your items in most cases.

If you live on the second floor or higher and there is no elevator, you have to pay a small service fee. The costs depend on the volume of your storage goods.

You have to pay a service fee for the redelivery, the price also depends on the volume of your storage goods.

Please keep those criteria in mind, when considering pick-up and return of your storage goods. Contact us for the specific expenses.

Save Costs when storing Furniture

You have some furniture, that you will not use for a while and you want to store it safely? Then a professional storing is most important.

Furniture gets damaged very fast if you store it wrongly, which also results in a financial loss. A professional storage is the first step to safe money - and such a storage does not have to be expensive if you follow a few tips.

The following tips help you to estimate the costs of a furniture storage and the quality of the storage provider:

At Boxie24 Storage, we guarantee the best combination of cheap storage prices and professional service. That is also why our customers are very happy with us.

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