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Best Prices Storage Units Boxie24 Storage

If you’ve already done some research and found a wide range of prices for storage units in your area, don’t get frustrated. The self storage industry is a highly competitive market, and everyone wants your business.

Prices change quite frequently as storage companies attempt to stay one step ahead of their competition. The game is a fierce one, but there’s good news.

When you store your things with Boxie24 Storage, you don’t have to play the game in order to get the best self storage prices. We take one for the team so you don’t have to.

Storage Unit Prices

Our prices for Storage Units. Our prices start at €12 a month up to €50,30 for 1m2 depending on city and availabilty. See the list below.


1m2         12,00€ - 50,30€

2m2         24,00€ - 88,30€

3m2         36,00€ - 114,90€

4m2         48,00€ - 132,95€

5m2         60,00€ - 136,35€

6m2         72,00€ - 184,25€

7m2         84,00€ - 204,20€

8m2         96,00€ - 225,10€

9m2       108,00€ - 236,50€

10m2     120,00€ - 257,40€

11m2     132,00€ - 280,20€

12m2     144,00€ - 296,35€

>12m2             Please contact us for a personal quote.

How we determine our Prices on Storage Units

Boxie24 Storage takes into consideration a few different factors when determining our prices on storage units.

Storage Unit Location

Where our storage facilities are located plays a role in the prices we charge for our self storage units. It may cost more to operate our business in some cities, and not as much in others. We adjust our prices for storage units accordingly, but rest assured we do our homework so our prices are competitive with other storage facilities in the area so you never pay more to store your things with us.

Storage Unit Size

It’s very important to estimate as accurately as possible the size storage unit you’ll need in order to avoid paying for space you don’t need. While it’s common sense that a smaller storage unit is cheaper than a larger one, keep in mind that the smaller the unit is, the more per square foot it costs when compared to a larger unit.

Storage Unit Special Features

We offer several options that affect our prices on storage units. For example, climate controlled units cost more to rent than regular units. Furthermore, self storage units with ground-floor vehicle accessibility are more expensive than units located on the upper floors of the facility that are only accessible via elevator or stairs.

Why Boxie24 Storage has the Best Prices for Storage Units in the Industry

As a full-service self storage service, Boxie24 Storage strives to be the cheapest solution to even the traditional storage option. This means you get all the convenience of a full-service self storage solution without paying high prices for it.

Aside from the three factors mentioned above, we pay attention to the prices for storage units our competition charges, and we adjust ours accordingly. This attention to detail means our prices may vary from month to month, location to location.

Ultimately, you pay less money for more storage options with Boxie24 Storage.

In need of business storage? Check out info on our business storage prices.

Full-Service vs. Traditional Prices for Storage Units

Many self storage facilities offer either full-service or traditional storage services – not both. Boxie24 Storage offers both.

Full-service self storage with us means that we come and pick up your belongings, pack them in your storage unit and then deliver them back to you when you’re ready. While in storage, no one besides our staff has access to your things.

As such, it may be cheaper to opt for full-service storage instead of traditional because less security measures are required to keep your things safe. With our full-service storage option, you are able to manage your storage inventory and schedule delivery of your things online.

Alternately, we also offer traditional self storage where you transport your things to our facility, pack them in your unit yourself, and haul them back to your home or office when you’re ready. This is a good option if you know you’ll need frequent access to your things.

For more information on the self storage process, be sure to read through our frequently asked questions.

There you’ll find a wealth of information on prices for storage units, how to make reservations, the types of packing materials we have available to ensure your things survive transport and storage and much, much more.