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Office Move Services

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Boxie24 Storage offers Convenient Office Move Solutions

Packing up and storing an entire office for a remodel or relocation can be expensive if you don’t manage it correctly. From using the right tools to contracting with the right storage facility, it’s important you plan accordingly to maximize your time and money.

Whatever your business storage needs, Boxie24 Storage has an office move solution for you.

Temporary Office Furniture Storage

If you are remodeling your office space and need somewhere to keep the office furniture during construction, Boxie24 Storage offers temporary storage space with flexible rental options.

We also provide short-term business storage solutions for office moves as well. You can rest assured that your important furnishings and office equipment are safe and secure inside our storage units as you make the transition to your new location.

Archive Storage

Do you have important archived documents and records that are taking up valuable space in the office? If you need to hang on to them, but would love to free up that space, Boxie24 Storage offers archive storage with a complementary shredding service to help you keep all your important documents safe and out of the way.

Moving Boxes for Office Moves

When it comes time to pack everything up for the move, be sure to ask us about our extra-strong moving boxes that are perfect for facilitating an office move. Designed for strength, durability and volume, our moving boxes accommodate small office furnishings and desk items with ease.

In addition to being highly suitable for this type of packing, our moving boxes are also eco-friendly because they are reusable.

Our moving boxes are sturdy and stack safely, and they can be sealed and labeled easily using our free stick-on labels.

After your move is complete, and everything is unpacked and in place, Boxie24 Storage will come and pick up the boxes. You don’t have to worry about giving up valuable office space to store moving boxes. You just let us know when and where to pick them up, and we’ll take care of them.

When it comes to making an office move, rent our moving boxes rather than buy them to save time and money.

If you’d like to see a Boxie24 Storage office move in action, take a look at this video. For more information on business storage prices or to speak with a storage professional, please contact us.