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When you get moving supplies from Boxie24 Storage, you also have access to our storage experts who can help you get the right supplies to pack your things securely.

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Whether you are packing for a short stint in self storage, or you are packing your things for long-term self storage, how you pack and what you use to pack your things has a huge impact on how they survive the journey.

Even the shortest trip across town is enough to cause damage to delicate possessions if you don’t use the right moving supplies. Fortunately, Boxie24 Storage has all the moving supplies you need to pack your things right.

Here at Boxie24 Storage, we want to help you make sure no damage comes to your things during transport and storage. We offer a wide range of moving supplies to make this so.

Our online store has in stock packing supplies and equipment such as dollies, moving blankets, moving boxes, wrapping paper, tape and bubble wrap. When you have the right moving supplies on hand, the packing, moving and storage process is a lot easier.

Boxie24 Storage has Moving Supplies for every Packing need

If you’re in need of packing supplies, don’t head out to your local retailer to buy them. Chances are, you’ll spend more and still not have the right moving supplies to get the job done properly. When you get moving supplies from Boxie24 Storage, you also have access to our storage experts who can help you get the right supplies to pack your things securely.

Keep in mind that your first line of defense when packing your things is having the right container to pack your things in. Boxie24 Storage also has a variety of moving boxes from which to choose.

We have small, medium and large discount moving boxes, as well as sustainable, larger moving boxes for rent. In either case, we will deliver the boxes right to your front door.

Be sure to check out this article, if you are unsure whether you should buy or rent moving boxes.

Boxie24 Storage Moving Supplies help you through the Four Phases of Packing

When you pack for self storage, you should take into consideration the four phases of packing. Tackling each phase properly with the right moving supplies ensures your things make it damage-free from your home or business, to our facility, and back to your home or business once again.

Whether you transport your things yourself, or you take advantage of the free pickup and delivery we offer in most cities, following through the four phases of packing completely is smart packing.

Phase 1: Padding the Boxes to lessen Shifting and Crushing

Padding is one of the most important moving supplies you can use. It not only keeps your delicate possessions safe, it also helps fill empty spaces inside boxes to make them sturdier. When packing dishes, for example, stack plates upon plates with newspaper padding in between.

Wad up newspaper to fill any empty spaces as well. Bubble wrap also works as padding in empty spaces. Be mindful of the padding and packing methods unique to the different types of things you must pack to ensure the least amount of damage occurs during the moving process. For more information to help you with a move, check out our best moving tips.

Phase 2: Moving Boxes

Many people scout around their local area to find used boxes at retailers and grocery stores. While you can certainly do this, using these boxes may ultimately cause damage to your belongings as they are transported and stored. Factors such as water damage and punctures weaken the traditional cardboard boxes used in many of these stores.

Your best bet is to buy or rent moving boxes from Boxie24 Storage. When you buy our discount moving boxes, you get brand new cardboard boxes straight from the manufacturer. They are strong and durable, and they cost less than buying boxes from other suppliers.

Our moving boxes for rent, on the other hand, are larger, stronger and reusable. They are eco-friendly and ultimately save you time and money.

It’s important to choose the right size and type of box for the things you’re packing, and we can help you with that by offering such a wide variety of moving boxes for both personal and business self storage.

Phase 3: Labeling for Organization

Labeling your boxes is almost as important as how you pack them. It can be very stressful not being able to find a specific box containing something you need. To make it easy to find what you need in storage, or to identify easily in which room a box belongs during a move, label each box accurately.

Boxie24 Storage offers free labels to help you get and stay organized during the moving process. Not only will our labels help you identify your belongings, it’ll help us identify them, too, if you request a partial delivery of specific boxes within your inventory.

We know moving can be stressful, and it’s easy to forget things. Take a look at this moving checklist we’ve assembled to help you remember everything you need to do.  

Phase 4: Insuring your Things

Despite the amount of care you take in packing your things, and the amount of care used in transporting and storing them, damage may still occur. For this reason, it’s very important that you purchase insurance to cover the cost of your things if something does happen.

Boxie24 Storage offers such insurance, and we encourage you to take it out when you store your things with us. Whether you move your things yourself, or we pick them up and deliver them for you, accidents do happen. Be sure to ask one of our storage professionals about insurance for your stored items.

When it comes time to pack your things for storage, keep in mind that the moving supplies you use make a big difference in how well they survive transport and storage. Boxie24 Storage offers a wide range of moving supplies to help you pack your possessions safely and securely for self storage.

If you’ve rented a storage unit with us, don’t forget to get the moving supplies you need to do your packing right. Contact us today for more information.

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