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Best Moving Checklist 2018 of moving industry expert Boxie24 Storage

Moving is a huge undertaking. It’s not uncommon to lose sight of the many things that should be done throughout the process. From packing your belongings to scheduling disconnects and reconnects of utilities and everything in between, it’s no surprise when something is forgotten.

To help you remember everything you need to do during your move, Boxie24 Storage has put together our best moving checklist.

This list contains a comprehensive collection of tasks to complete and people to notify when you move. While it’s not all-inclusive, we think it gives you a great start, and you can always add to it as you think of other things you need to do.

Checklist 1: What do I need to think about when moving out?

  • Terminate rental contract/sell home

  • Take measurements of new home

  • Arrange rental/homeowners insurance for new residence

  • Schedule utilities connection

  • Change address with post office

  • Acquire estimates from different moving companies

  • Rent storage space

  • Get rid of unwanted items

  • Acquire moving boxes and other moving supplies

  • Schedule free pickup of your things for storage (if available in your area)

  • Pack your things right using our free moving tips

  • Disassemble large furniture for easy moving and storage

  • Clean old and new residence

  • Ask family and friends to help with moving

  • Arrange daycare for small children on moving day

  • Make arrangements to keep pets safe and comfortable on moving day and in the new house

  • Have a plan for food and beverages on moving day

  • Clean out refrigerator and freezer

  • Clean out washing machine

  • Take down curtains

  • Keep important papers separate

  • Check all rooms to ensure nothing is left behind

  • Record all meter readings

  • Shut off gas and power supply

  • Turn in keys

  • Make copies of new keys, if necessary

Checklist 2: Who needs to know I’m moving?

  • Family members

  • Friends

  • Neighbors

  • Employer/Colleagues

  • Municipality

  • Doctors

  • Health insurance company

  • Church

  • Bank

  • Insurance companies

  • Union

  • Schools

  • Post office

  • Monthly magazine subscriptions

  • Sports clubs

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

  • IRS

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Utilities companies

  • Cable company

  • Cell phone company

Checklist 3: What should I know about my new home?

  • Measurements of all rooms and/or buildings

  • Window sizes

  • Day of week for garbage pickup

  • Special instructions from previous owners

  • Important points about the community

  • If renting, are pets allowed?

  • Utility companies’ names

  • Cable and/or internet providers

We hope the checklists above help you make a smooth transition from your old home to your new one. Feel free to print off this moving checklist and add to it as you see fit.

If you’re in need of a temporary or long-term self storage unit, Boxie24 Storage has a wide variety of sizes and types to meet your needs. We even have business storage solutions, too. Give us a call and speak with one of our storage experts.