Recap: Still in Berlin's Warm Up #4


Boxie24 Storage Boxes helps Voo Store Charity Event for Kreuzberg Hilft

Last Friday, Voo Store celebrated their fourth Warm up, collecting coats, boots, tents, and such for local volunteer organisation Kreuzberg Hilft.

And while munching on Tausendsünd's excellent Speculoos cookies and slurping hot beverages from Companion Coffee, 70 donors came around and donated 180 pieces and 172 Euros in total!

At the end of the night, many of those were rewarded with the prizes, collected from local businesses, and Boxie24 schlepped over 30 filled boxes out to be delivered directly to Kreuzberg Hilft.

Read the full article: Recap: Still in Berlin's Warm Up #4,

by Mary Scherpe.

Blogger bram boxie24
December 21, 2017

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