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How Selfstorage works

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How Selfstorage works

You want to rent a storage unit but do not really know how it works? We will help you find a storage unit that fits your needs!

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Just fill in your city or postal code in the search bar - and we will show you the closest storage location.

Selfstorage - Your Possibilities explained

If you want to rent a storage unit, there are three possibilities. Depending on your needs, you can rent a selfstorage provider with pick-up and return service, only store individual items and boxes or choose a storage room with direct access.

  1. Selfstorage with pick-up and return service

    This is the cheapest and most popular option. If you choose this option, the storage units are separated with partition walls. We provide the pick-up and return within 24 hours.

    The advantage: You choose the cheapest selfstorage possibility because you only pay for the area that you actually use. If you request one or more items back, you will pay a lower price for the following months.

    Choose your city now and check our offers!

    Direct access to the rooms is not possible because it is a collective unit where also other people store, only our authorized personnel has access. Most customers prefer our free pick-up service. Click here for our price overview.

  2. Storage of individual items and boxes with pick-up and return service

    This is a possibility for everyone who only wants to store a few items (for example a couch, a motorbike, a bike,..) or a few small things that can be easily stored in a box (for example books, pictures,..).

    We pick up individual items and deliver them back to you whenever you need them. If you need a box for your storage, we deliver our green boxes to you and you can use them for free during your storage period.

    This storage possibility is also cheap and you benefit from our pick-up and return service within 24 hours. The advantage: you can also store a small number of items for a low price.

  3.  Storage units with direct access (not available everywhere)

    If you want to rent a storage room with direct access, we can also offer that. You decide how much space you need and rent the respective room - you have access during our opening hours.

    Tip: The majority of our customers, who choose the option with direct access, do not use it in the end but prefer our pick-up and return service. If you want to safe money, you should consider if the option with the pick-up and return service might not be the better choice for you.

Boxie24 Storage offers self storage for every need. It does not matter if you want to store furniture, moving material, household goods, boxes, archives, pictures, winter tires or tools: Boxie24 offers a storage solution for you.

Overview of Self Storage Locations

Check in which cities you can find a Boxie24 Storage unit. 
Just click on your hometown to find out more.

The Benefits: Rent a Selfstorage Unit with Boxie24

Compared to other selfstorage providers, Boxie24 offers a variety of extra services.
The most important advantages are:

  • Cheap: We offer the best prices and quality of service

  • Comfortable: We organize the pick-up and return of your items

  • Flexible: We offer a lot of different sizes

  • Helpful: Our experienced employees help you to choose the right size for your individual storage room.

  • Short-term: We also help you to find a storage unit, if you want to book a few days in advance

  • Safe: All our buildings are alarmed and 24/7 under video surveillance. Only our authorized personell has access to your storage room

  • Dry: All our storage spaces are climatized to secure a safe storing

  • Not binding: You can easily extend or cancel your contract.

Secure Storage Units: Our insurance coverage

If you want to rent a storage unit, the security of your items is very important to you and to Boxie24. Our storage spaces are secured against theft and environmental influence like wetness and coldness.

Still as a renter, you want to be insured in case your items get damaged. The good news is: Your household insurance usually covers everything.

The majority of German households has this insurance. If you don't have it, we provide some extra offers. Please tell our customer service personnel during your order.

With our insurance, we offer a cheap insurance package, that covers the following:

  • Rain and Snow
    This covers damages from rain, snowmelt or snow or from water that came in through the roof of the building

  • Storm
    This includes landslide, rockfall, hail, snow pressure and storm.

  • Tap Water
    In cases of damaged water conduits and heating systems.

  • Fire
    This includes lightning bolts, fire, explosions and damages of crashes of manned aircraft

  • Burglary
    In cases of vandalism and attempted and fullfilled burglary

Our storage units are secured extremely well and damages are therefore highly unlikely. To make sure you do not have to face any negative consequences, our insurance package provides the best protection.