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What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces have become more and more popular worldwide. A coworking space can be considered as a shared work environment where people meet, work, network, share ideas and collaborate on projects.

Coworking spaces are typically designed to have the comfort of working on your own project, while having the possibility of sharing, engaging and creating together with others. They are also great for people who travel frequently and independent contractors in need of a temporary desk. As a member of a coworking space you can benefit by using the services, equipment, space, boardrooms and other facilities which you can otherwise not afford at any given time.

Interested in a desk at our coworking space in Kreuzberg? Please call (030) 91552777 for more information.

Boxie24 Storage – your flexible coworking space in Berlin

Looking for a web designer or a marketer? Or seeking advice on an employee contract? Valuable expertise is just a few seats away, saving you hours of time and money on reinventing the best solution. At our coworking space Berlin there’s always a helping hand near you. If your company grows to fast to work from the kitchen table, it can be time consuming and expensive to find a proper location when your company has the potential to double in size within months. And let’s not forget the ridiculous high deposits you have to pay upfront and the long term renting contracts you’re stuck on.

Flexibility is key as you grow your business. At Boxie24 Storage we know how much start-ups, freelancers and other companies care for flexible renting contracts and for a space that can accommodate changes to the size of your team. Our coworking spaces offer memberships ranging from a daily pass to a monthly or yearly membership which allows you to make changes in the size your team. You can easily scale up without extra costs. And let’s not forget that coworking spaces Berlin can ease some of the stress of starting a new business and provide valuable resources and connections you won’t find anywhere else. Coworking spaces are even a great place to get a job at a startup. Interns can work at multiple companies at our coworking space, making it interesting for them and the companies that work there.

Why you want to be part of coworking space Berlin by Boxie24 Storage?

Boxie24 Storage coworking space Berlin is the new and fresh creative coworking space in Berlin. Our coworking space is based in popular Kreuzberg and public transport is just around the corner. We also offer additional self-storage services to renters at discounted rates. So there’s plenty of room to store your bike or company archive. Since our coworking space Berlin Kreuzberg is run as a social organisation we try to charge our members as little as possible, but just enough to support operations which creates a relaxed, social, comfortable and creative working environment instead of paying too much for a small office outside of Berlin without having all the facilities Boxie24 Storage coworking spaces offer. Beyond improved productivity, new friendships and collaborations we offer meeting facilities, board rooms, workshops, drinks, and all other events to get in touch with the people around you. Look on our website for upcoming events and register online.


Advantages coworking space Berlin Kreuzberg with Boxie24 Storage

  • Shared work spaces

  • High speed internet

  • Communal printer/copier/fax

  • Only 2 months’ deposit

  • 24/7 access

  • flexible renting contract

  • scale up within the building

  • free coffee

Coworking space in Berlin without hidden costs

Besides meeting new interesting people in a coworking space, one of the main reasons most start-ups start their business from a coworking space is the price tag renting a flexible desk. When you’re in need of a place to grow your business instead of working from your home office, the first thing that comes to mind is finding a cheap place where you can meet others to socialise and where you can work on your own business. You want a affordable place to work with all the benefits you need to grow your business. We at Boxie24 Storage understand that all too well. Therefore we offer flexible desks in our coworking space Berlin starting at €49,99 per month for a shared desk up to €249,99 for a private office. For the starting price of €49,99 you can find a spot in the building and make use of all the services like high speed internet, printer/scanner, coffee. For an additional small fee you can rent a meeting room if you need one. So, you basically only pay for what you use and there are no extra hidden costs. We like to be transparent. One of the other main advantages Boxie24 Storage’ coworking space Berlin has to offer is our free short term upgrade within the same building if you need more space and flexible desks are not enough anymore, we offer small offices. Whether your business is going great or you just want more space or an office of your own, you can upgrade within a week based on availability without paying double rent.

Coworking space in Berlin with an extraordinary advantage

So, you are looking for a coworking space in Berlin? In most cases that also means you are going to move your office and other stuff from your (home) office to your new office. What to think about all the commercial items you’ve gathered like business stands, photo equipment’s and I’m sure I am missing out a lot. I bet your roommate or girlfriend is also happy when you move all your stuff out and the living room can be used what’s meant for.

When you become a member of Boxie24 Storage coworking space Berlin Kreuzberg you can benefit of Boxie24 Storage’ service of storage with free pick-up and delivery at 20% discount. We can also provide all your employees with our special moving boxes so they can pack their own desk and belongings and transfer it to the new location without the risk of breaking. We can pick-up all your commercial and others items for free and store them in our warehouse with the same discount. We can bring your belongings back to the coworking space Berlin Kreuzberg within 24 hours. This service can also be used for archive storage so you have all your papers organised in one place and don’t have to worry about protection or losing them.  

History of coworking spaces in Berlin

Did you know that the first coworking space was initiated in Berlin in 1995? It’s called C-base and was one of the first hackerspaces in the world. They made WiFi networks available and promoted free public access to the internet. In 1999 they used the term coworking as a way to identify a method that would facilitate collaborative work and business meetings coordinated by computers. This method aimed to support collaborative work through a non-competitive approach while giving people the opportunity to work on their own projects. After the tech bubble in 2001 the first official “coworking space” opened its door in San Francisco as a reaction to “unsocial” business centres and the unproductive work life at a home office. In Berlin, St. Oberholz opened in 2005 as one of the first cafes to offer free internet access and allowed people to work on their own laptops as guests. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the large start-up scene in the capital is influencing the development of the Berlin office market more and more due to its special requirements for flexible office concepts. With an average share of about 10% of total space turnover (not including major rental leases over 5,000 m2), Berlin’s start-ups are increasingly becoming a stable consumer of space in the office market. Contractual rentals for start-ups are not lower than for traditional businesses.

(Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, Berliner Start-Ups als Büronutzer, 2015)