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Transparent Business Storage Prices with No Hidden Fees

Boxie24 Storage offers a variety of business storage solutions with upfront pricing and no hidden fees. The business storage prices you see on our website are what you pay, so you never have to worry about added charges after the fact.

Find business storage prices in your city, or contact us for customized storage solutions.

Prices Business Storage

Here you'll find our prices for storage units. The prices can fluctuate depending on city, size, availabilty and other preferences.

1m2     34,95 €

2m2     54,95 €

3m2     72,95 €

4m2     89,95 €

5m2     104,95 €

6m2     124,95 €

7m2     144,95 €

8m2     159,95 €

9m2     179,95 €

10m2   199,95 €

11m2   214,95 €

12m2   229,95 €

               >12m2             Please contact us for a personal quote.
*we try to keep these prices up to date, however it can occur that some prices changed over time in the order process. 

Factors that influence Business Storage Prices at Boxie24 Storage

In an effort to provide the most cost effective solution to your business storage needs, Boxie24 Storage monitors our competition’s prices in every city we operate. As such, we adjust our prices accordingly from time to time to ensure we stay competitive. Some factors that may also affect our business storage prices include:

  • Storage unit size

  • Length of time storage is needed

  • The location of the storage unit

  • Accessibility of the storage unit

  • Added features that cost extra

  • Operational costs in any given area

Obviously, the bigger the storage unit you need and the longer you need it, the more it will cost. Furthermore, storage units located in and around urban areas tend to be more expensive due to higher real estate costs than those located in suburban areas. In addition, how accessible a business storage unit is also determines its price.

Business storage rental prices for ground floor or vehicle-accessible units are higher than for units located on upper floors that are only accessible by elevator or stairs. Lastly, Boxie24 offers additional features that cost extra such as climate control and extra security.

Want to rent business storage but aren’t sure what size unit you need? Try our self storage space calculator for an accurate estimate so you don’t pay more for space you don’t need.

Moving Supplies and Business Storage Prices

Boxie24 Storage wants your storage experience to be a good one, and that’s why we offer moving boxes and other packing supplies to ensure your office possessions transport and store well. You may choose to buy or rent moving boxes from us, as well as dollies, packing tape, moving blankets and more.

Whatever your business storage needs, our business storage prices make it possible for you to keep costs low while keeping your things safe and secure in storage. Find out how business storage works with Boxie24, or check out our business storage tips for more information.

Why we can offer cheap storage units at Boxie24

Our goal is to offer cheap storage units to our clients. Therefore, we compare our self storage prices with other self storage providers on a monthly basis. Therefore, we can offer cheap storage units in order for you to keep storage costs to a minimum. And if you find better storage unit prices somewhere else, let us know and we will change our business storage prices for you. Call us and receive your personal quote within an hour.